17 August 2011

The last of the hedges cut.

Those who read my mobile blog will know that these past two days have been spent clipping the two big conifer hedges that form part of the memorial gardens. Below are the pictures taken before during and after clipping. All that is left to do now is to clear up the mess. I'm glad the job is finished as it's quite a task with them being so tall but at least they look good when freshly clipped so all the effort it worthwhile. That's all the hedge cutting finished for this year.
During, clipped as far as I can from ground level.
You will probably notice how poor the grass is looking, this is due mainly to the lack of rain this summer. We had a drop one night last week but you wouldn't know it now and so today I am back to watering. I don't water the grass at all, just mainly the flower borders, wall borders and containers which dry out quickly .


A Brit in Tennessee said...

You've done a wonderful job, and now they are all trimmed for the remainder of the year....
We have had little to non rain these past three weeks, most everyone's lawn is dead or dying.

ellen abbott said...

same here. I don't waste water on grass.

Beth said...

Great job!! Looks really good.

It has been very dry here too in parts of the US, Texas for example farmers have crop loss in the billions of dollars.

Gail said...


I had an urge for hedge once and my husband, who grew up trimming hedges, tried to talk me out it. Let's just say, I wish he had tried harder!

Wyatt said...

Those hedges look perfect!! Oh how we hate that job:(
You have talent my friend!

Wyatt's Mom and Wyatt's Dad too