31 August 2011

Yah boo to the party poopers.

I don't have a great deal to report tonight so I will post a video that I took on Saturday at the flyball competition. The Furry Tales team where we go is in the blue on the far side. I'm afraid it isn't a very good video and doesn't show much but I would like to see any of you make a video any better when you're trying to do it with the camera in one hand and Tess in the other! Anyway if you turn the sound up you will get a feel for the excitement if nothing else.

I was sorry to read that those who tried to view the BBC iPlayer was stopped from doing so because they don't live in the UK. I find that sort of thing really annoying. Here we have this great joiner of communities called the interenet and the full benefit of it is being spoilt by greedy narrow minded party poopers. Buying an ebook online is a nightmare, I was trying to buy a particular book a while back and if it wasn't one thing it was another stopping me from buying it. In the end I was able to download it from Amazon and read it on the Kindle app on my laptop. But don't go thinking that Amazon are all singing and dancing hero's because they aren't. The HP Touchpad is advertised as having a Kindle app which would be brilliant if it weren't for the fact that it's only available in the USA, so what is that all about? If these companies would quit complaining about the noise and joined the party they might find they enjoy the experience a bit more, is there any wonder that people turn to sites like Piratebay? At times it's the only place you can turn to, at least if you get something from there and it doens't work you haven't wasted a load of money. Not that I use Piratebay or suggest that you do of course .


Sara said...

Well, Chewy was very intrigued by the noises on the video! Looks like some sort of controlled chaos. Oreo would be a complete wreck in that environment!

Seems as though amazon is losing out on some money by not having the kindle app in the UK. Not very smart for business.

Beth said...

I think the video is very nice and I certainly get an idea of what you have been posting about.

Oh, I agree with you. It is as if each country has to guard everything they own and not share with anyone.

I have a Nook e-reader from Barnes and Noble. I think the prices for e-books are outrageous but I have to confess I am hooked on them.

Emily C. said...

looks like an exciting match!haha

some books are available for free if you read them online.

sagechronicles said...

I have a Kindle too, but find it a bit irritating when some of the ebooks are costing more than their paperback counterparts.

Loved the flyball video. I can get the dogs worked up!