11 August 2011

Wentworth Castle Gardens.

Last Sunday afternoon me and Vicki went to Wentworth Castle Gardens, we hadn't been there before and whilst it was okay for a one off visit I can't say I will be rushing back there again in a hurry as there are far better gardens than these although it is fair to say that they are in the process of working on improving them. For me there was a lack of flowers and other plants of interest, although having said that I've been to other gardens that lacked flowers but there were other things of interest, even just being super tidy and neat can be an attraction but these gardens were lacking all these things. Anyway here are some pictures of what flowers there were to be seen.

These borders were set out in a circle but I stitched three pictures together and it's come out a sort of different shape but I'm sure you will get the picture.
Tomorrow I will show you some of the structures from the gardens.


Beth said...

The photos that you did get are beautiful. I especially like the pic of the yellow flower. Is it a lily?

T.O. Geezer aka ~Ron said...

Great Photos! I like the last one best :-)

Wyatt said...

I just love those type of lilies!!
What a pretty place :)

Wyatt's Mom

Gail said...

I can only dream my garden would ever look that beautiful!

sagechronicles said...

Ha! I know about untidy gardens, especially after a squirrel decides to invade. I liked the pretty, dainty lilies.