2 August 2011

Our introduction to flyball.

Tonight I will quickly tell you about our introduction to flyball last Saturday morning. As my parents were staying the weekend I asked if it was okay for them to go along with me and Tess. So we all arrived at the Askern Greyhound stadium and 9:30 as arranged and was met by Alison who seems to be the one in charge. She introduced us to the other members and when the flyball run was set up on the in field of the Greyhound track I took Tess close by so that she could see what was happening as the others did some practising. On the first run she nearly jumped out of her skin as all the dogs were getting very excited and were bark nearly as load as their owners were shouting. But after that each run was better and by the end of the morning she was actually sitting there watching them and wasn't bothered a bit about the noise. After the teams did their first practise they went for a tea break and that was when Alison came and showed me and Tess a few things. Everyday in the garden Tess will fetch the ball back but on Saturday she was not half so enthusiastic but she had a little go over a jump and did fetch the ball with a lot of coaxing. We just did five minutes with her and then went for tea with the others. There then followed another bout of training for the two flyball teams and as before we had another little go with Alison after they got finished. This time Tess was more up for fetching the ball, first she did it with one jump, then two, then three and they tried her with all four but by now Tess had worked out that she could get the ball without going over the jumps so we went back to three jumps which she did okay and that was where we left it for that time. Alison seemed very pleased with her and wants us to go back again which we hope to do this Saturday. I was pleased with Tess because she did well considering she had never seen so many people or dogs in one place before also there was lots of noise and everything was strange for her and lets face it she is only a puppy still.

An English Shepherd asked the name of the flyball team so click [HERE] and visit the website for the Furry Tales Flyball team and you can read more about them there if you wish.


Sara said...

Sounds like a great time! I'm impressed by how quick Tess learned her job.

Beth said...

Sounds like a very fun filled day for all of you!

An English Shepherd said...

Sounds like you both had a good introduction to the world of flyball :-)

Good luck next week and I will check out their website.

Wyatt said...

That sounds like the perfect sport for a smart, energized puppy! Have fun :)


Emily C. said...

Tess sounds like a smart dog :)