22 November 2011

Bubble wrap tip.

I Took these pictures a couple of weeks ago but didn't get chance to post them at the time. During the summer months most of the indoor plants that we grow are kept in the conservatory but because of the lack of heating in there they have to be housed in one half of the greenhouse for the winter as this has heating. Before moving all the plants in to the greenhouse I clean it all out and wash down the glass and the walls before installing bubble wrap insulation. With the greenhouses being quite a size it means I have to join pieces together, three widths in fact, each width being 1.5 metres if I remember right. The common method of joining bubble wrap is by means of sticky tape which I have used in the past and it works okay but I discovered what I think to be a better method, or at least it works better for me anyway and that it to use staples.

In the picture below I have shown a close up example of a join. If you fold over the two pieces and then run the stapler along the join putting in a staple ever two or three inches you will find it does a good longer lasting and more secure job than tape and of course staples aren't affected by water and sun etc.
Having a wooden frame to the greenhouse also means I can use staples to fasten the lose ends to the woodwork so all in all I have ended up with a good fitting inner unit. There are wires running along the roof which are there for training plants up so in the winter I use these to support the bubble wrap so there is no sagging or danger of it dropping in.
Below it the stapler that I use, it's just an ordinary stapler that you would use to fasten papers together.
Thank you for your thoughts on the flyball. The thing is that when I applied to join the team I expected to go there and learn with Tess how to do flyball and then try to perfect it with her. In reality though all I do is go there, help put out the equipment, hand Tess over to someone else to run her and then hang around waiting to help put all the equipment back again before coming home again, so I guess that because it isn't like the idea I had in my head when I started I always come away feeling a bit let down. So I'm thinking that in the new year I will just take her walking instead, I think we will probably both get more out of that in the long run.


Sara said...

Staples seem like a much better idea than tape. Tape always seems to be a bit unreliable.

As long as Tess gets to spend time with you, she will be a happy girl.

Beth said...

I think stapling is a very good solution.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rob...I like your bubble wrap insulation...and the stapler idea! And it works for you which is the best part.

Doesn't sound like you and Tess are getting much out of the flyball situation...so I agree you'd probably both enjoy a good walk and maybe we'll get to see a Tess Cam!