2 November 2011

Tommy seems to be better.

Today at work I was able to get some of the lawns cut, this will no doubt be the last time for this particular lawn. I actually got more grass of this cut than I have from any previous cut this summer although having said that it has been a few weeks since the last cut.

I would like to thank everyone for sending Tommy best wishes. I can report that there has been no more sickness since the other night. I have reduced the amount of medicine that he has just in case what is left in the bottom of the bottle is a bit strong and so causing him to be sick.


Sara said...

Happy to hear Tommy is feeling better. I know how we tend to worry when our dogs aren't their normal selves.

Chicken lover said...

That's good news about Tommy

Gail said...

How did I miss Tommy being sick? I am so sorry, sending healing thoughts for that special guy.

An English Shepherd said...

Glad he is on the mend :-)

Anonymous said...

didn't know Tommy was sick...so very happy he's on the mend

Beth said...

Good news that Tommy is feeling better!

Wyatt said...

We are just getting caught up with your blog. Sorry to hear that Tommy has been a bit off. Sounds like things are going better now.

We had Stanzie on Rimadyl for arthritis for many months. We decided that she did not seem any better with it, so we stopped. She seemed more frisky and happier when the meds stopped...maybe it was making her feel sick too :(

Wyatt's Mom