21 November 2011

Tied to the job.

Just recently when circumstances allow I have been taking the deputy head gardener in training with me to work for a couple of hours. During her time with me she has to be fastened to a swivel peg and a length of line otherwise it tends to be party time as far as she is concerned. Even on the end of a line it’s amazing what she can get up too. In the two pictures below you can see she has managed to find an apple from somewhere and is enjoying it, it kept her quiet for a while anyway.

On Saturday I took her to flyball training which was a bit of a mix up to be honest because the captain emailed us a list of events through winter to spring and according to the list they should have been at a competition last Saturday and so Fallon made plans to go and play hockey and I was destined to stay home and finish off getting stuff ready to send to the accountant. Just to show an interest more than anything I mailed the captain on Friday night to see if I had it right about the competition and on Saturday morning there was a reply from her saying they weren’t bothering with it so that meant there was flyball training after all. So even though it was short notice I decided to go because Tess hasn’t been for weeks what with holidays and her operation. It was all a bit of a rush because I have to take Tom for his walk before I go so it meant that I didn’t get breakfast or even a drink. I wouldn’t have minded this even if we had done something when we got there but all she had us do was jump one hurdle and get the ball off the chute, we did this four times and that was it, she called it a day using Tess’s operation a month previous as an excuse. This is fair enough except when she isn’t at flyball Tess spends all day bouncing from one piece of furniture to another and turning summersaults and doing handstands. I keep going and am enthusiastic beforehand but on return disappointed feeling like a spare part. I think they are happy to run Fallon and Tess but I reckon that’s about it.


Sara said...

I keep reading articles that say puppies shouldn't be doing jumps and weavepoles until their growth plates are closed. Fine, but how will I keep Chewy from weaving between trees, and jumping off rocks, stair cases and leaping from one couch to the other? Really, the dog makes his own agility courses all day long! Have these people ever had a puppy?

Anonymous said...

Not having had a K9 who trained or competed I'm clueless. I have no idea what the rules are...however not letting a dog train or compete when they're already doing the same kinds of exercises and moves at home sounds somewhat odd. Hope it all works for you and Tess...sounds like she needs the competition!

Beth said...

I love the photos!!