30 November 2011

From one season to the next.

Hello everyone.

Yesterday I make what will most likely be the last cutting of the lawns for this year. This wasn't a job I did just for fun they did actually need cutting and I collected more grass off them yesterday than I did in any previous cut all year. Of course on this occasion it's been more than a week since they were last cut but nevertheless it will give you some idea how the grass is still growing.

It actually seems strange talking about grass cutting and then showing you the pictures below all in one post, I feel there should be a few weeks at least between the two. Anyway Vicki made a start on doing the Christmas decorations last night so I thought I would show you some of the progress so far. This is the mantle over the fire place, I think it looks really nice with all the little houses and bark ornaments.

I'm sorry that some of the pictures are a bit fuzzy - a bit like my head at the moment actually. I was trying to take them without using the flash on the camera which would have worked okay except I didn't put it on a tripod to support it. The pictures below show the advent buckets for the dogs, I think I showed you them last year but as some of you weren't reading this back then I thought I would show you again. In each of these buckets are three treats, one for each dog over the advent period. They get their advent treats before going up to bed and I bet you any money that many nights won't have passed before they are on the ball and requesting to go to bed before we've even had supper. In fact I won't be at all surprised if I come in from work one day to find the devil dog has picked the lock on the sitting room door and scoffed the lot well before Christmas.

Ellen said about having a rescue dog instead of a puppy and I must admit that after Tommy who is actually a stray rather than a rescue dog, although he was rescued but we cut out the middle man. Anyway apart from him being a super ace dog and the most faithful companion ever he came already house trained, he had got over the urge to eat everything, all basic training was included all that was really needed to make him what he is today was lots of love and understanding and some ironing out of a few temperamental issues brought about by his previous human. These were mostly overcome simply by getting to know each other. He's not perfect of course but who of us is? So having said all that and adding the feeling of doing something worthwhile I would definitely take a rescue dog provided it wasn't to old as I would want one that was still active and that I could enjoy a long life with. I guess when I get older that would be time to take an older rescue dog.


Sara said...

Gorgeous as usual! Vicki is very talented. You should charge for tours of your house!

Dogs do catch on quick, especially when food is involved. Will they wonder where the buckets went after the holiday?

An English Shepherd said...

Yes our grass is getting a bit long!

Beth said...

Your decorations are lovely!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful mantel decorations...accolades for your wife! And the treat buckets are inspired...some ones going to get coal in their treat buckets if they eat all the Christmas goodies!

ellen abbott said...

The mantle looks lovely.