1 December 2011

The Tree (December).

Today being the first of the month means that it's time for another picture of 'The Tree', this is of course the final picture of what seems like a journey of sorts. It makes me think of something I've heard said many times, 'I want to travel the world and see new things'. 'The Tree' hasn't moved an inch all year but I think you will agree it's seen many new things, and I bet if we followed it for another year it would not be the same as the last. Imagine how many changes it will see in it's life time.

This months picture is dark because that's the way we find it now when we pass by. I think it's fitting that as the night falls over our tree it also falls on our journey. I will shortly post news of the new journey so please look in again soon because hopefully it will be a journey we will share and enjoy together.




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Anonymous said...

Well Rob I'll miss this tree that I've looked forward to seeing every month for the past year...I'm excited to see the subject of our journey next year!

Diana said...

wonderful post, Rob. It reminds me of when I was studying painting many years ago and the professor said, "paint the same thing over and over again". Lovely progression.

Beth said...

I have enjoyed seeing the progression of the tree. I will try and do that in January with something.

Sara said...

Wow. That was some profound thinking you had going on! I think about stuff like that too when I walk through the woods and see trees in all stages of life, from a tiny stick popping out of the ground, to a decaying stump. What a long life they can lead, as their arms watch over us throughout generations.

As I look through your photos, I have trouble picking a favorite! Maybe June? But then July, August and September are beautiful as well.

ellen abbott said...

I see that you have taken the pictures from the same spot but did you also take them at the same time of day? I have really enjoyed this series.

sagechronicles said...

There's something beautiful about all of your tree pictures. Love the chronology!