22 December 2011

A trip for petrol.

Later I am going to be driving down to my parents house in order to bring them back here in the morning where they will spend Christmas, so as needed fuel for the car I decided to drive down to down to get some petrol as I don't like to stop on the way, it just sort of messes things up somehow. Anyway as I haven't don't a roadtrip movie for you in a while I thought this was a good opportunity so why not join me and the dogs to get some petrol, it won't take long.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the road trip Rob...saw Tess and Tom in the back seat! I believe the first village you came to was in one of the TomCam videos! It looked familiar. You're a very careful driver...and the two Ts made nary a sound in the back! I was trying to see how much the petrol was...in our area it's hovering in the $3.50 a gallon range. Wishing you, Vickie, Tom, Tess and your family a very Merry Christmas!

Sara said...

That was fun! Bet the two rascals had a good time.

Louellen Lawson said...

I enjoyed our trip to the gas station. Such pretty scenery.
Seemed odd to drive on the left. :)