9 December 2011

Sweet Pea Order.

If any of you read my diary blog the other day you may remember that I made out the Sweet Pea order for next summer so I thought that today I would show you what I ordered. The order is actually a collection from 'Eagle Sweet Peas' and is called 'The Chelsea Collection'. 

Albutt Blue


Fields of Fire


Just Jenny

Katie Alice



Our Harry


Theanne and Baron said...

Rob, that's an absolutely beautiful collection of Sweet Peas! I particularly like "Just Jenny"...lovely dark purple! The best flower gardens are tended by gardeners who prepare for the spring season in the fall and early winter!

Apparently the botanists have argued over whether to call what we know as an Amaryllis an Amaryllis or Hippeastrum (I believe I understood that one originally came from South Africa and one from South America), very confusing, like you I simply call it an Amaryllis!

Beth said...

What a beautiful collection of the lovely sweet pea!

Sara said...

They are all so pretty. I think I should order some of the "misty" in honor of my girl.

ellen abbott said...

I love sweet peas and hardly ever think to put them in because we have to be planting the seeds outside now. I picked a spot to plant them but have yet to get the seeds.

Wyatt said...

Our faves are 'Katie Alice' and 'Mumsie'. We need to check those out :)
Wyatt and mom

Gail said...

These are beautiful...my favorite is the very dark purple.

Granny used to have sweet peas that would reseed themselves. Oh, the smell, the soft pink color, the way they climbed the nearby peach tree...all in memory.

We lost the plants for some reason and every seed I have tried, I have had no luck. My black thumb wins and Granny's Sweet Peas shall just be a sweet memory, I guess.

I look forward to seeing these in summer.

An English Shepherd said...

Lovely flowers :-)

Matron said...

I know that Matron doesn't do flowers... but.. I do grow some sweet peas among my runner beans, ONLY to attract the bees to pollinate! Honest!

sagechronicles said...

Gorgeous! I've never grown Sweet Peas, but it's certainly something I'm going to look into.

Arlene said...

I love Sweet Peas, their perfume is just out of this world, they remind me of being train bearer at a wedding some years ago, my bouquet was made up of them, i grow them every year, just for cutting. I like Mumsie.