9 December 2011

Throw away plants.

Get up and dressed
07:00-07:15 (Personal)

Fed the dogs
07:15-07:25 (Personal)

Took breakfast.
07:25-08:05 (Personal)
Had one bowl of Cornflakes and a mug of tea.

Dog walking
08:05-08:30 (Personal)
Went part way up the narrow walk, it is very muddy after all the rain.

See to the sheep
08:30-08:45 (Work)
Checked and counted the sheep.

See to the greenhouses
08:45-10:30 (Work)
Weather rubbish so sorted out some plants to throw out.

Break for tea
10:30-10:50 (Personal)

10:50-12:45 (Work)
Pruned another bed of roses.

Break for lunch
12:45-13:30 (Personal)

Clearing away rubbish
13:30-15:00 (Work)
Took away various heaps of rubbish I've acquired this past week.

15:00-15:45 (Work)
Removed the cutting deck from the tractor.
Cleaned down the cutting deck.

Clean and put away the tools
15:45-16:00 (Work)

Walking the dogs
16:00-16:50 (Personal)
Went all the way up the narrow walk. Took Tommy with as Fallon who usually takes him at night while I take Tess for a longer walk didn't come home.

See to the fire
16:50-17:00 (Personal)
Raked the coals and put on more coal.

Got changed
17:00-17:15 (Personal)
I got changed whilst dinner was cooking. Vicki didn't come home tonight until late so I had Leek and Potato soup and a mug of tea.

Watched some TV
17:15-19:00 (Personal)
Watched a documentary about the concentration camps of world war two and then a documentary about Nazi UFO's.

Did the washing up
19:00-19:15 (Personal)

Did some stuff on my PC
19:15-21:45 (Personal)
Updated my blog and caught up on the latest WEBOS news.

Fed the dogs
21:45-22:00 (Personal)
Made a drink and watched TV

22:00-23:30 (Personal)
Watched 'Flying Wild In Alaska' and something else I can't recall the name of now.

Got ready for bed
23:30-23:50 (Personal)

1 comment:

Sara said...

Boy, you stayed up late!

I think your log is making me drink more tea :) All of a sudden, I am craving at least two cups a day.