6 December 2011

Border Collie Rope Dance.

I've spent most of today pruning the Pear trees against the east wall. It's getting time to winter prune both the Apple and Pear trees although with the mild autumn I don't think there is any great rush at present. Everyone keeps on telling me that the Pears here are of no use, I've even been instructed to buy a new tree this year but the truth of the matter is that there is actually nothing wrong with the Pears at all, it's the people trying to eat them straight from the tree as they do Apples. I can tell you now, they are actually very nice Pears provided you do as you're supposed to do and leave them to stand after picking for a week or two. Another thing about Pears is that they don't keep as long as Apples although having said that I still have a supply going which I will sustain up until Christmas, the Apples however will last in to the New Year.

I've had the deputy head gardener helping me at work today, the head gardener being confined to warm dry places  for the winter months due to his arthritis. Because the deputy head gardener is still in training she has to be confined with a piece of rope but she doesn't mind and seems content to sit and observe most of the time unless there are slugs and worms to be eaten. There were a couple of occasions this afternoon when she took pleasure in performing some sort of rope dance routine for me, a video of which can be seen below. 

 Theanne and Baron asked if my latest theme is going to be permanent or will I revert to the theme I've had for the past year. Well I will change this for something different in the New Year as this is really a Christmas theme. I'm not sure what I will change it too, I'm pretty sure it won't be the one I had all last year as that is now the theme for my diary blog. I do like that theme though so if I get fed up of doing the diary blog it may make a return here one day.


Sara said...

Yes, pears do need some sitting out time. Always worth the wait though. One of my favorite fruits.

Tess is a silly girl.

Beth said...

Your deputy head gardener is very entertaining with the rope. Great video.

sagechronicles said...

Tess does a mean tail chase--loved it! And I can't believe anyone can eat a pear straight off a tree, but there are some that do.....

Theanne and Baron said...

You're right about pears...they need a bit of ripening time before they're eaten...then you have to eat, can, freeze them before they spoil.

Look forward to seeing what your 2012 background will be! Thank you for answering my question Rob!

Tess does quite a dance there as she's trying to figure out how to rid herself of her restraint! She's very attuned to your voice, stopping immediately when you speak to her! When Baron was a puppy he was manic...he'd run flat out to the end of his leash and be jerked around...I thought sure he was going to injure his neck! I notice that Tess was way to smart to try that! Sorry to hear that Tommy's arthritis now keeps him from his Head Gardner duties...give him my regards and tell him Baron and I miss him!