5 December 2011

You Choose.

As you know the project with 'The Tree' came to an end last week so it's now time to consider choosing a project for next year so what I thought I would do is take five pictures of scenes that are close by that I think will show some changes over the coming year and as it is you who are going to be viewing the results I have decided that it is you who should choose so if you look in the sidebar of this blog you will see at the very top there is a place where you can vote on which picture you would like to follow. I haven't tried the vote gadget before so hopefully it works okay. You will be allowed to vote up to the 31st December. Just so you can get a consistent idea of what you're looking at all the pictures apart from the one of our garden were taken today, I will take another one of our garden tomorrow and swap it for the one posted tonight, I'm afraid I forgot to take it today until it was to late. Anyway the pictures are:

1) The Back Lane.
This will change quite a lot during the first half of the year.

2) The Courtyard.
The bed in the centre changes with time, I would try and 
focus on this a bit more should this picture be chosen.

3) The View Down The Fields.
This is similar to last years project but without the tree in the centre.

4) The back drive.

5) Our Garden.
This is sure to change over the year even if it's only 
by the size and amount of holes Tess has dug in it.

I'm not sure if it allows you more than one vote but is it does and you're undecided which one to vote for voting twice maybe an option. If you have trouble with the voting gadget let me know and I will think of another way of voting.


ellen abbott said...

Hard choice between 1 and 5.

Sara said...

Any of the above would be a good choice! Love them all!

grouchy said...

Yes!.....Do 1 AND 5.

Louellen Lawson said...

Rob, I voted for the View Across the Fields but I think I would also be interested in Our Garden too. Have fun deciding. I look forward to seeing then all.

May you have a wonderful Christmas.

Beth said...

I chose #5 although I think any of them would be a good choice.

Theanne and Baron said...

I like the changes in your blog...is this just for the Christmas Season or will it be different after Christmas too? I voted for your garden...Tess holes and all!

Elaine said...

I love them all, what a difficult choice.
Elaine in Canada