23 November 2011

A estimated wild guess.

As some of you may recall we are having some work done on the house that we own back home in Derbyshire. The building work is dragging on something terrible and is costing more than estimated so we have had to increase the loan amount to pay for it. I say 'estimated' but I think there is little that is truly calculated about the original amount, I think I could have got closer to the mark with a wild guess following a couple of whiskey's to be honest. I appreciate you can get costs for things that you didn't foresee but I would have thought that someone who is dealing with this sort of thing day in and day out would have worked out some kind of formula by now which makes allowances for unforeseen problems. anyway hopefully we will have enough money - which is something else that leaves a lot to be desired. 

We went and signed for the loan last week and was told that the cheque would be with us in a couple of days but nothing arrived after several days so the the bank decided to transfer the money directly in to our bank account instead, which they have done today, the same day that the original cheque arrived! It turns out they went and put the wrong address on it!! It's half the address for this house and half the address for our house in Derbyshire so goodness knows where it went before it got here. Anyway we now have two amounts of money, one transferred directly to our bank account and the other in the form a cheque. We won't cash the cheque of course, but it sort of makes me want to though and hope they didn't realise they gave it us twice just to teach them a lesson on how to make a better job of things. It doesn't encourage you to have a lot of faith in these banking types if they are so slap dash with their own money goodness knows how careless they would be with other peoples.


Sara said...

I don't know where you found that cartoon, but it is GREAT!

Scary to think how incompetent people are often holding our purse.

An English Shepherd said...

Yes a great cartoon:-)

Anonymous said...

I think banks are often careless with other folks money! Love the joke!