15 November 2011

Tess playing.

After posting pictures of Tess yesterday I thought today I would take a short video of her playing with a few of her toys. She is very funny sometimes when she throws them around the room and then runs round to retrieve them. Sometimes though she goes a bit mad with the throwing and they end up next to Tommy and then she will sit there looking at me to retrieve them for her, I don’t think she likes to risk getting grumbled at by her uncle Tommy!

Today I finished off tidying up the potting shed which had got in to a right mess over the summer. I usually do tidying the potting shed on a wet day but there wasn’t any such days all summer so things just piled up on benches and various other places where things could be piled up. Anyway everything is now shipshape for the time being. I also took out the rest of the summer bedding from the troughs and other containers in the courtyard before spending the rest of the day clearing leaves from the front lawn. I would like to lift and store the dahlia tubers but I’m still waiting for them to get frosted. It’s recommended that they are left in the ground until the frost blackens the tops but I think if that doesn’t happen soon I will lift them anyway because I keep thinking about the way the weather turned so quickly last year. If that was to happen again this time and they were still in the ground it could be a disaster, I only just got them out with a couple of days to spare last year. Maybe this week will be their last.


Sara said...

Tess has gotten so leggy! She's very sweet.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the video of Tess...I laughed heartily at her antics!

This is a busy, busy time of year for you, I remember from last year. I'm very hopeful you'll remove the dahlias in time. Years ago my father-in-law raised dahlias I learned from him about removing them from soil during the winter. Labor intensive but so, so beautiful when they bloom!