22 February 2012

Bring on the Dahlia's.

Tess taken this afternoon.

There has been 0mm of rain 
in the past 24 hours,
12C is the max
9C was the coldest point.

Max for Feb is 16C
the min is -7C,
there has been 10mm of rain so far.

See to the sheep 
 Duration: 08:30-08:45 
Location: (Field)  
 Notes: Checked and counted the sheep.
Shuck up the hay in the feeder. 

See to the greenhouses 
 Duration: 08:45-09:00  
  Notes: Checked round and took the covers off the seedlings. 

Carting off rubbish 
 Duration: 09:00-09:35 
Location: (Old Garden)  
  Notes: Loaded up and carted the wood ash from the burn pile and spread amongst some of the roses in the memorial garden and rose garden. 

Bring the Dahlia's out of store 
 Duration: 09:35-10:30 
Location: (Garden House)  
  Notes: Brought all but two boxes of Dahlia's from the store to the greenhouse ready to start in to growth. I will bring the rest out in a few weeks time. 

Break time 
  Duration: 10:30-11:00 
Location: (Home)
Notes: Had a mug of coffee.  

Carting off rubbish 
 Duration: 10:50-12:00 
Location: (Flower border)  
  Notes: Carted off the rose pruning s from the flower border. 

Prune the Dogwood 
 Duration: 12:00-13:00
  Notes: Pruned back all the dog wood in the front garden. 

Lunch time 
  Duration: 13:00-13:45 
Location: (Home)
Notes: Had a mug of coffee and a bowl of porridge with honey.  

Sort out the Dahlia's 
 Duration: 13:45-16:00 
Location: (Greenhouse)  
  Notes: Cut the old stalks off the Dahlia tubers, placed in the greenhouse and covered tubers with soil. 

Clean and put away the tools 
  Duration: 16:00-16:10 
Location: (Potting Shed)  


Sara said...

Look at Tess all grown up!

Beth said...

Tess looks beautiful sitting so regal on the lovely green grass. Our grass is not nearly that green here.

Theanne said...

beautiful Tess, ready to go!

Watching your "Dad" work no doubt!

nerima roberts said...

Tessie's gaze is riveting...she is ready to GO!
Hmmmmm. I'm looking closely at the gorgeous yard (garden?) and the brick walls. How old are the walls? I have a funny feeling everything in England is OLD. *sigh*

Kimmie said...

I think Tess should go to Hollywood, she is so beautiful and regal.

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted

ellen abbott said...

dahlias don't really grow down here I don't think. but spring is popping out and my poppies and rocket larkspur are starting to bloom.

It's been a while since I have seen a picture of Tess. she's quite grown up and lanky.