17 February 2012

Greenhouse Friday

See to the sheep
 Duration: 08:30-08:50
Location: (Field)
  Notes: Took across some hay.
Checked and counted the sheep.

Took down the bubble wrap
 Duration: 08:50-10:30
Location: (Cool Greenhouse)
  Notes: Removed the bubble wrap from the cool greenhouse and as its getting old and ready for renewal I used it to cover some of the veg garden in a bit to start the soil warming up.

Break for tea
  Duration: 10:30-10:50
Location: (Home)

Moving plants
 Duration: 10:50-12:30
Location: (Greenhouse)
  Notes: Moved some Chrysanths, Geraniums and Fuchsia's from the cool greenhouse to the conservatory.

See to the bins
 Duration: 12:30-12:40
Location: (Hall)
  Notes: Put the bins and tubs back.

See about holidays
 Duration: 12:40-12:45
Location: (Office)
  Notes: Went to the office to book some annual leave.

Break for lunch
  Duration: 12:45-13:30
Location: (Home)

Tidying up
 Duration: 13:30-15:50
Location: (Conservatory)
  Notes: Tidying up the consevatory. Swept up and cleared out any unwanted plants.

Clean and put away the tools
  Duration: 15:50-16:00
Location: (Potting Shed)


Beth said...

Good to see this post Rob, I thought you had missed a day.

I hope you and Vicki are having a nice weekend.

Wyatt said...

The best part was planning for the holidays!! (and lunch) :D