2 February 2012

Stoodley Pike.

Stoodley Pike on the Pennine Way.
For more info on Stoodley Pike click on the title of this post.
There has been 0mm of rain 
in the past 24 hours,
4.9C is the max
-0.7C was the coldest point.

Max for Feb is 4.9C
the min is -1.5C,
there has been 0mm of rain so far.

08:30 - 08:45   
Location: ( Office ) 
Category ( Misc ) 
Note: I had to pick up an electic heater at the dowager house and take it to the office.

08:45 - 09:05  
See to the sheep 
Location: ( Field ) 
Category ( Misc ) 
Note: Took across some hay.
Checked and counted the sheep.

09:05 - 09:30  
See to the greenhouses 
Category ( Greenhouses ) 
Note: Checked and watered round.

09:30 - 10:30  
Location: ( Rock Garden ) 
Category ( Front Garden ) 
Note: Pruned the Euonymous and Escalonia.

10:30 - 10:50  
Break for coffee 
Location: ( Home ) 
Category ( Misc ) 
Note: Had a mug of coffee.

10:50 - 12:45  
Location: ( Office Steps ) 
Category ( Front Garden ) 
Note: Pruned back the branches of a tree growing by the office steps at the same time cutting down some old roses that were growing up through the branches of the tree.

12:45 - 13:30   
Break for lunch 
Location: ( Home ) 
Category ( Misc ) 
Note: Had a mug of tea and four cheese and HP Sauce sandwiches.

13:30 - 13:40  
See to the bins 
Location: ( Hall ) 
Category ( Misc ) 
Note: Put out the black bins and took away some cardboard boxes.

13:40 - 15:50  
Tidying up 
Location: ( Office steps ) 
Category ( Front Garden ) 
Note: Cleared away all the prunings from this mornings work.

16:00 - 16:15  
Clean and put away the tools 
Location: ( Potting Shed ) 
Category ( Indoor Work ) 


Beth said...

Awesome picture of the day Rob.

Theanne said...

once again I learn something new about England...interesting! Still cleaning the premises for the spring I see...I spent about 2 hours on my patio the other day...repotting, potting, pulling weeds, watering, rearranging...looks so much better now! Can't wait for the onions to start growing so I can eat them!

nerima roberts said...

Um, isn't it supposed to be winter over there? We're having a very mild winter here in NYC.

Arlene said...

As the winter has got a sting in here, I'm dreading what damage may have been don to any of my shrubs, last winter I had quite a bit of frost damage on a maple and about a third of a Vibirnum had to be cut well back, though it's recovering, I wonder if it will get blasted again. Thanks for dropping by.