8 February 2012

Feeding time in a past life.

Farmer Bob suckling a calf

There has been 0mm of rain 
in the past 24 hours,
3C is the max
-7C was the coldest point.

Max for Feb is 6C
the min is -7C,
there has been 6mm of rain so far.


See to the sheep 
 Duration: 08:30-08:50 
Location: (Field)  
  Notes: Shuck up the hay in the feeded. 
Put out some minerals. 
Checked and counted the sheep. 
Took the ice off the water trough. 

See to the greenhouses 
 Duration: 08:50-09:00  
  Notes: Checked round. 
(A lemon on the tree)

Duration:  09:00-10:30 
Location:  (North Front)  
  Notes: Continued to cut back the yew tree. 

Break for tea 
  Duration: 10:30-10:50 
Location:  (Home)  
Notes:  Had a mug of tea.

 Duration: 10:50-12:45 
Location:  (North Front)  
  Notes: Continued to cut back the yew tree. 
Took out all the dead that was in the middle of the tree. 

Break for lunch 
  Duration: 12:45-13:30 
Location:  (Home)  
Notes:  Had a mug of tea and a bowl of porridge

Carting off. 
 Duration: 13:30-15:15 
Location:  (North Front)  
  Notes: Skidding wood to the burn pile in the old walled garden. 

Raking up 
 Duration: 15:15-15:50 
Location:  (North Front)  
  Notes: Raking up the area in which I have been working. 

Clean and put away the tools 
  Duration: 15:50-16:00 
Location:  (Potting Shed)  


Beth said...

Another great picture of the day Rob.The lemon looks like it is ready to make lemonade. Hurry up spring!

I think your bowl of porridge must equate to our bowl of oatmeal. I will have to google it to find out for sure.

Anonymous said...

Nice looking calf...we had to do that with calves sometime when I was a kid! Does the Yew tree have a problem...seems you've cut quite a lot of dead wood out. Can you burn Yew in your wood stove?

Sara said...

Oh, how I would love to feed baby cows (and sheep)!

El Shilo Elohim said...

Pozdrawiając Ciebie z Warszawy, życzy Tobie Syneloi radosnej twórczości!