13 February 2012

Burning Up.

This mornings sunrise.

There has been 0mm of rain 
in the past 24 hours,
9C is the max
2C was the coldest point.

Max for Feb is 9C
the min is -7C,
there has been 10mm of rain so far.

See to the sheep 
 Duration: 08:30-08:50 
Location: (Field)  
  Notes: Shuck up the hay in the feeder. 
Checked and counted the sheep. 
Checked the water trough for leaks as there is a slight thaw going on at the moment. 

Checked round 
 Duration: 08:50-09:00  
  Checked round the garden to make sure there were no burst pipes and everything is as it should be. 

See to the greenhouses 
 Duration: 09:00-09:50  
  Notes: Checked round. 
Moved the sweet pea, pea, leek and lettuce seedlings to the conservatory. 

 Duration: 09:50-10:30 
Location: (Old Garden)  
  Notes: Made a start on burning up the rubbish from the pruning jobs. 

Break time 
 Duration: 10:30-10:50 
Location: (Home)  
  Notes: Had a mug of tea.

 Duration: 10:50-12:45
  Location: (Old Garden)
  Notes: Continued burning up. 

Lunch time 
 Duration: 12:45-13:30 
Location: (Home)  
Notes: Had four cheese sandwiches an apple and a mug of tea.  
 Duration: 13:30-15:50 
Location: (The Ride)  
  Notes: Did some pruning down 'The Ride'. 

Clean and put away the tools 
 Duration: 15:50-16:00
Location: (Potting Shed)  
  Notes: Cleaned the tools, covered the seedlings to protect against mice and fed the fish. 


Sara said...

You seedlings remind me that spring is almost here! Can't wait to get started working on my new garden.

Anonymous said...

Your seedlings are about the size of the lettuce I started a week or so ago...got to pot them on as they're starting to put out 3rd and 4th leaves. I need to get them outside too! It's cold right now but as I remember it lettuce didn't mind the cold so much...frost or freeze yeah! I bought me some more "lemon curd"...if I had some nice fresh homemade bread I might make a sandwich but that's not going to happen...I've lost back down to the weight I was in the fall and there's no way it'll stay that way if I eat loaves of fresh bread...LOL

Beth said...

Very nice photo of the sun rising. A very unique stand of trees in the background.

I really miss my garden at home. Your seedlings reminded me of that.