14 February 2012

Inverewe Gardens

Is from Inverewe Gardens taken 27th June 2006
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There has been 0mm of rain 
in the past 24 hours,
9C is the max
3C was the coldest point.

Max for Feb is 9C
the min is -7C,
there has been 10mm of rain so far.

See to the sheep 
 Duration: 08:30-08:50 
Location: (Field)  
  Notes: Took across some hay. 
Checked and counted the sheep. 

See to the greenhouses 
 Duration: 08:50-09:50  
  Notes: Checked and watered round. 
Set the potatoes out for spritting. 

Tidying up 
 Duration: 09:50-10:30 
Location: (Office Steps)  
  Notes: Swept down the back office steps. 

Break time 
 Duration: 10:30-10:50 
Location: (Home)
Notes: Had a mug of tea.  
Clearing leaves 
 Duration: 10:50-12:45 
Location: (Japanese Garden)  
  Notes: Made a start on clearing leaves and any other rubbish from the disused pond. 

Lunch time 
 Duration: 12:45-13:30 
Location: (Home)
Notes: Had a mug of tea, four apricot jam sandwiches and a piece of cake.  
Clearing leaves 
 Duration: 13:30-15:00 
Location: (Japanese Garden)  
  Notes: Finished tidying up in and around the disused pond. 

Tidying up 
 Duration: 15:00-15:50 
Location: (Garden House)  
  Notes: Raked up leaves and sticks in front of the garden house. 

Clean and put away the tools 
 Duration: 15:50-16:00 
Location: (Potting Shed)  


Theanne said...

Hi Rob...I don't know that I've ever mentioned it but I've always been impressed about how you take care of your tools! There's a saying about caring for your tools...something like "if you care for your tools they'll care for you." Happy Valentine's Day to you and Vicki!

Beth said...

The photo of the day is such a pretty scene.

You are meticulous in your work ethics. I think your employer must be very pleased with your work.

Happy Valentine's Day to you and Vicki.

Sara said...

I agree with Theanne! I never clean my tools! I figure they are just going to get dirty again. Hmmm, but I HAVE to make my bed every day.

Maybe I should start cleaning my tools.