14 April 2012

Car Accident

I intended harvesting the three fields on the topside of the main road today so I took a walk through them early this morning just to check the lay of the land and all was well until I dropped back down to the road at the junction of the main road and the Mill Lane where I discovered an accident between two cars. This doesn't surprise me one bit as they all seem to drive like idiots. I was approaching a junction last night and one under took me on the grass verge! Anyway I hung around long enough to take this video but as no one seemed to going anywhere I headed off back home across the fields.


Theanne said...

Interesting...no people, all the vehicles are white, so maybe you were meant to bring your lovely tractor and pull the two original cars out of the way!!?

MadDog said...

Got a major Truck accidents on film! Tanker Flipped and spilled its fuel.