19 April 2012

I Have The Power.

Last night I managed to finish up the harvest, I now have to bale up the straw and cart it to the farm.

Finishing the last few cuts of the harvest.

I had another run in with a car driver last night. It happened when I was moving the grain header to the next field. I was pulling out on to the road and because it's quite a long trailer I was trying not to get it wrapped round a gate post then this car pulls up and stops to let me out, or so I thought until he started doing that inching forward thing that they do. Eventually he was so close that I couldn't go forward without running over the front of his car so I stopped and was wondering if I could reverse back in to the field when he dropped the clutch and piled in to the side of the trailer tipping the darn thing over. 
 Well that left us in a right old pickle and no mistake, it's not like I could call the AA or anyone. What these guys don't seem to realise is that I have the power so I thought 'what the hell' and gave him some of his own medicine. See the short video below if you are interested in the out come.
After I got all the machinery back to the farm I went and bought some stuff to cart the bales in after the straw was baled. I wanted to use a conventional loader and trailer set up but after some experimenting decided against that idea. With practice I may have become half decent at loading the trailer but for sure at the moment I was struggling to place the bales in a reasonable way and it was taking ages so I opted of the Heath Super Chaser http://www.ls-uk.info/downloads/87/17148. To make this work I needed to change my New Holland baler for a different one because from what I read the one I had wasn't compatible. The Chased wouldn't have picked up the bales. While I was at the farm shop I saw a Ford TW35 which I couldn't resist http://www.ls-uk.info/downloads/22/10688. I will give a review of both Mods when I've used them.

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Theanne said...

So you can get those vehicles out of your way, that's good to know! The software has them doing some crazy things...not unlike the typical (American) driver when faced with farm equipment!