10 April 2012

New Holland Baler.

At the weekend I managed to get the Wheat and Barley all harvested, baled up and carted away. I didn't have a baler so I had to go and buy this New Holland which works fine. It has an animated tail gate and pick up reel plus a bale counter which records total bales for all time and total bales for each field. It also makes all the right noises which I think is important for the enjoyment of the game.

I had a slight problem with the elevator on the East Peak Farms, I only managed to get 1 bale in about 5 attempts to actually make it to the top without falling off. Is it meant to take the big square bales? Anyway thankfully there is what seems to be a power generating plant that takes the bales for cash so apart from the previously mentioned ONE bale all the rest went in there.

Another problem I had was when loading bales on to a trailer. I would get some loaded on after a bit of a struggle and then whilst I went to get some more the ones already loaded on would fall off which was quite annoying. In the end I gave up on that and bought a self loading trailer, I would like to get the hang of loading on to a flatbed trailer though.

Later today I hope to harvest some corn, I will see how that goes. I'm farming two farms at the moment, East Peak Farms and Kincraigie. I don't want to farm more than one but can't make my mind up which one I like the best. I had four on the go at one time but decided that come Easter I had to settle for just one and then get some proper work done. I made the choice of Kincraigie but then relented as I also really like East Peak Farm. I would go with East Peak Farm if it didn't seem a bit lacking in some details so I think that maybe in time it would bug me to think I was missing out on some aspects of the game so I'm sort of going with Kincraigie and dabbling on and off with East Peak Farm.
If you want to take a look for yourself at either of the above farms this is the link for Kincraigie http://www.ls-uk.info/downloads/5/22969 and this is East Peak Farm http://www.ls-uk.info/downloads/5/22819 

I will leave you with some pictures of the New Holland baler that I bought, if you want to download it also you will find it here http://www.ls-uk.info/downloads/34/17161

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