5 April 2012

Claas Mower.

Today's cheap offer at the farming shop is this Claas mower which goes for $0, which you can download here http://www.ls-uk.info/downloads/31/15412 The thing I like about this mower is that it leaves the swath in a row and not all spread around like most of the mowers on Farming Simulator seem to do. I haven't tried them all of course so no doubt there are some that leave the cut grass in a row.

I didn't get chance to make a video of this mower as I needed to get some straw baled last night but I did get some pictures for you to take a look at. These were taken on the way back from the farm shop.

OOPS! As I turned in to the farm drive I collected a car which tipped the mower on to it's side! I had to drag the darn thing half way down the drive before the darn thing got back on it's wheels LOL!


Theanne said...

I had a Farming Simulator game once...I'm thinking it had something to do with John Deere! It was a cheapo and was AWFUL! Yours looks and sounds quite sophisticated! Love how you wiped out that car! I had the Sims twice, but never wanted to play it like a game, I hate rules and being timed and keeping points! The most fun I had was with one of the Stronghold Crusader games, part of what you could do in the game was create villages, farms, buy animals, sell your produce, plant trees, etc., I never went off and "fought in the Crusades", I was having to much fun farming, then I changed computers and the OS was upgraded and I couldn't play my old Crusades game on the new computer. :(

I'll certainly be visiting your blog to see how you're coming along on your farm!

Rob said...

There is a farming simulator based on John Deere so maybe that is the one you had Theanne. I haven't seen the Crusader game that you talk about but I used to play Ages Of Empires which sounds like it was along similar lines and like you I enjoyed playing it. I started this blog as it's something different to write about and maybe one day it will be either helpful to someone or maybe even point someone in the direction of something that will give them some pleasure also.