16 April 2012

Traffic Calming

Theanne suggests I should have gone and pulled the two cars involved in the accident apart, I didn't think of that, to be honest if I had gone with the tractor I would have been tempted to drive over the lot of them, they do my head in. They are so erratic its unreal. I took the video today when taking a load of Wheat to the brewery.

I am continuing to harvest Wheat at the moment, I have four more fields to cut, the picture below is of the combine unloading in to the other trailer.
 Setting Sun at Chellington.

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Theanne said...

nice...I finished watching the video...red and blue cars and some fantastic backing up on your part to unload your wheat!

I believe the cars are obstacles just as they would be to a farmer in real life!

I'd be sorely tempted to go see what happens if you run over the cars at the wreck or is that the same way you went to the brewery and now the accident and other cars are gone?