29 April 2012

No Where Else

I haven't posted on here for a while because I have been busy setting up another farm. I know I was going to stick with Chellington but I came across a couple of other maps that took my fancy. On these maps all the land is virgin ground meaning it's not been cultivated. Usually when you take to a place there is a mix of cropping land, grass land and land ready for sowing. On these particular maps you have to start by ploughing the land before sowing the crops, there is nothing to harvest therefore all you have to start with is the old default machinery and $6000, no crops to harvest means nothing to sell until you first sow and then reap. As I say there were two of these maps that took my fancy but I soon dismissed one as it was too basic, just a big block of flat land with a few dead straight tracks so I went for this map. http://www.ls-uk.info/downloads/5/9415 There is more land than I will be able to cultivate but with it all being grass nothing will hurt left the way it is.

So this past week I've been busy ploughing, sowing and reaping in a bid to get some cash to buy decent equipment. There are some big open spaces so I will need some good machinery to work the land. So far I have cultivated 3,5,6 and I'm in the process of ploughing and seeding field 2.

Making a start of ploughing field number 2.