17 April 2012

A Tour Of Home Farm.

Theanne asked if the accident I showed the other day was there later on, I wondered the same thing myself at the time but when I returned later to harvest the Wheat there was no sign of the cars or the accident.

Today I thought I would show you around the farmyard.

This is the view from the door view from the door of the farmhouse.

This one if taken from the lane.

This is the tractor shed.

One of two implement sheds.

Grain Store

Another barn in which implements and  and such like can be housed.

Dutch Barn where straw is stored and shredded for cash in the shredder.

Manure pile and slurry storage tank.

One of two silage clamps.

Cow pasture, I have three cows so far.
Second silage clamp.
I hope you enjoy this little tour.

1 comment:

Theanne said...

nice looking farm...I figured the wreck and cars would be gone...there originally for your annoyance!