8 April 2012

New For Old.

There are some maps that you can download for Farming Simulator 2011 that come with a good compliment of machinery but there are others that don't. One of my favourite maps called East Peak Farms comes with very old machinery, all of which needs replacing if you want to get some serious work done. Another thing is that quite often this machinery is located in some obscure place like the top of a mountain! So what I did instead of transporting a load of old machinery back to the farm was to go to the farm shop and sell if off where it was and replace it with some of the cheap Mods that I've been posting about.

What you start with on East Peak Farms.

So the point of this post is to show you what you can acquire to get you started. You can swap everything in the video above for that in the video below plus the $6000 allowance you are provided with when you start a career.
One more thing about this sort of map is that if you're new to the game you might have trouble locating the machinery by eye simply because its way out in the wilderness somewhere so the easy way to find it is to press the TAB key and it will straight away take you to a piece of machinery with an engine. Keep pressing the TAB button and it will cycle through all the machinery with an engine and usually the implements are all close by.

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