7 April 2012

New Holland Combine Pack.

This is going to be my last post in this series of cheap machinery, I will post more in time but I have other stuff that I want to post about. Below is the the New Holland combine pack which can be found here http://www.ls-uk.info/downloads/53/16679

With the pack comes a New Holland combine, a grain header, corn header and header trailer. You can pick up the whole lot for an in game price of $13.

New Holland Combine with grain header fitted.

Corn header for the combine.
Header trailer.
I must warn you that something rather strange happened when I coupled the header trailer to the combine with the corn header loaded. I had already used the trailer to move the grain header with a tractor and it worked great but when coupled to the combine with the other header the trailer started spinning throwing the corn header up the farm shop yard. I don't know what cause it to do this.

Another thing that doesn't seem quite right is the length of time it takes for the tank to empty on the combine, it seems very slow. It's not a real problem with the way I play the game because I just leave it emptying in to a trailer while I take a full one filled previously to empty, by the time I return the tank has finished getting rid of the contents. Because of these faults I would probably only choose to use this combine because it's so affordable when you're first getting started in the game.

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