25 December 2007

Merry Christmas Fallon.


I'm going to have to stop talking about you on here now LOL!

Lots of love from Dad, Tippy, Tommy & Scampi XXX

24 December 2007

Spare A Thought.

Hello Everyone, I hope you're all okay and looking forward to the Christmas break and we must spare a thought for those who don't get a break over Christmas, the fact that they don't get a break is a measure of their importance and this is something that needs to be recognised by all us lesser souls.
We have Jo and David coming over in a minute for Christmas Eve supper so that will be nice as we also have my parents here too so I'd better get off back and join in the fun.
Happy Christmas to you all,

19 December 2007

Tough Guys.

Low Temp: 2C
Shady High: 6C
Direct Sun High: 12C
Weather Today: As you can see from above today has been much warmer than of late due mainly to teh sun putting in an appearance for the first time in a week.

Todays picture from our Scotland Holiday was taken at Dalmally, we called in here to take a look in the gift shop and church, the gift shop was open but unfortunately the church was close.

I couldn't help notice in the garden how well the Geraniums have stood up to the cold weather we've been having. I've always considered them to be tender plants but is seems that isn't so as the ones in the picture are no less that 20 feet away from a thermometer that took a reading the other day of minus 6C and these aren't the only ones to survive. I have small group that survived all last winter planted out in the border and are still going well to this day.

17 December 2007

Stolen Purse.

Low Temp: -6C
Shady High: 3C
Direct Sun High: 3C
Weather Today: Another dull, cold day

I hope you all had a good weekend. I enjoyed my time off although we had a bit of an upset on Saturday evening when Fallon called from town to say that someone had stolen her purse so had no money for a taxi home. Unfortunately they also got her cash cards and driving licence along with a few other things. When Vicki got there some police were across the road so she went over to them to tell them but they weren't really interested telling her to go to the police station, no doubt they had more important things to do.

Today has just been another one of those tidy up days for me. I had to go to the farm for another gas cylinder so I also picked up some more hay for the sheep as I don't want to be running round for hay during my holidays. I wasn't really looking forward to going as the tractor wa playing up last time I went but after a bit of a cough and splutter it didn't go to badly. I will need to get it looked at after Christmas though as I need it to be running properly for when the grass starts growing again.

15 December 2007

Fallen Angel.

Low Temp: -4C
Shady High: 1C
Direct Sun High: 0C
Weather: As you will see from the above its been another cold raw day and the interesting thing to note is that the direct sun registered lower than the shady high, I think that must be because the censer for the shady high is a bit more sheltered but for sure it shows there hasn’t been a glimmer of sun all day.

Jeanette asked about the deer in last nights post. As with all the pictures at the start of the posts the picture was taken during our holiday in Scotland, at the moment these were taken during our visit to Loch Tulla.

Today I’ve been doing a few odd jobs at home. Someone from the church broke an angel so I’ve been sticking the pieces back together again, I’ve not done to bad a job and feel just about ready to tackle Humpty Dumpty any time soon.

Partly repaired, the body having
just been glued to the plinth.

Almost done, just the tip of one feather to add.

I also put up a curtain rail in the bedroom as Vicki has made some new curtains to go with the new wall paper, I will take a picture when she has the curtains up.

That’s about it for today, its been a quiet day.

12 December 2007

The Answer.

Low Temp: -1C
Shady High: 4C
Sunnyshine High: 4C

Weather: A cold day, no sun to make any difference to the the cold.

Thank you all those that took a guess what Tippy was looking at, I guess I am a bit of a tease but it was a bit of fun wasn't it. I forgot to mention last night that there was a cheque for a £1000 waiting to be posted to the first person who commented with the right answer. Looks like I'm going to have a Merry Christmas now doens't it cos I get to keep it all to myself - Yippee! Anyway enough stupidity for one day, here is what Tippy was looking at - 'The Misunderstood Dog.

I was only joking about the prize money by the way.

Y'all have a great day,


11 December 2007

What's Tippy Spotted?

Who can guess what Tippy has spotted? Tune in tomorrow if you want to find out.

Low Temp: -3C
Shady High: 8C
Sunnyshine High: 12C
Weather: A bright sunny day after a cold frosty start to the day.

Yesterday and today I've been tidying up and forking over the shrub border that backs on to the veg garden. There were a few shrubs that needed bringing under control before I could do the forking so I got those seen to and burnt up.

We have some of Vicki's friends from Church here today, they are wall papering the bedroom for us, I think it's been a bigger job than they first thought. I must confess to having no DIY skills whatsoever which is why reinforcements are needed.

Digital Flower Pictures made a comment on yesterdays posting about scotland. I know he lives a long way of but its well worth the journey and the people are really wonderful friendly people.
Well Jeanette I only managed a shandy at the meal because I was driving my parents and Vicki home. Vicki offered to drive but I thought as she doesn't like driving in the dark also she had been at work all day I would do the driving. Thats my feeling about back stabbers too, I would rather spend my time with my family. Its a shame really as I would like to support the community but thats something which is a two way thing.

10 December 2007

Decorating For Christmas.

Low Temp: 3C
Shady High: 8C
Sunnyshine High: 10C

Weather: Dry and bright, turned cold at nightfall.

Good day to you all, did you have a good weekend. The little get together went well on Saturday night, in all ten members of the family turned up, it’s a pub in Bakewell that we go to often so we were assured of a good meal, also the landlord of the pub is very good and always makes you feel welcome.

On Saturday morning misunderstood Tommy and I managed to get the Christmas tree up ready for when Vicki had time to decorate it, this she did yesterday after going to church and she is still at it now. She has finished the tree and is doing other bit and bobs around the place now. I will take some more pics when she has it all finished.

Look at him! Anyone would think he did it all by himself.

Sunday, here it only has the lights on so far.

I’m going to finish now and go and give Vicki a hand to bring some of the empty boxes back in to the store room until after Christmas. By the way the Scotland picture is still from the Loch Tulla area, this one being taken from Victoria Bridge which some of you will remember from the West Highland way.


2 December 2007

Bob's Bloomer Of The Week (Chrysanthemum).

Hi everyone, Some of you will probably remember that before I deleted the previous version of my blog that I was trying to show the top bloomer in the gardens that particular week. I haven’t done this feature since then so I thought that this week I would start again, and so here it is my plant for this week which is the Chrysanthemum. The ones you see in the pictures have been flowering inside and out for several months. They will of course grow outside in the border and give a bit of welcome colour to the back end of the year but her ladyship doesn’t like them so I grew them in pots in the potting shed yard and then brought them in to the conservatory as they came in to flower and as you will see some are still flowering to this day, all the pics were taken last week.

For those interested in checking them out below are a few Chrysanthemum links.


I don't know the names of the first two, I got this as a cutting from someones garden.

This is one of my favourites, Vicki got it as a small pot plant last year, I will be sure to take more cuttings of this one in January. I have the names to the next too but I can't rememeber them off hand but I will check tomorrow and add them later.