12 May 2013

Forced Rhubarb

A few posts ago I showed you the old chimney pots that I am using to force some Rhubarb so in this post I will show you the results. So far I've harvested two lots like you see in the picture.

2 May 2013

Spring Daffodils.

The past few days have been very Spring like with lots of warm sunshine which has shown the Daffodils in all their glory. The whole garden has been coming on a treat over the past two weeks - there is still no sign of the apple blossom though. In some ways that is a good thing as the nights are still chilly and close to being frosty. Because of this I am having to cover the Peach and Cherry trees which I have growing against a brick wall. I think the bricks probably hold enough heat to hold off the frost but I cover them just in case.