26 December 2010


Everyone has had a good day feasting, talking and relaxing. In the picture is my my mum and vicki.

Another feast.

Today my family are coming to visit so we are looking forward to another feast and more merriment. As usual Vicki has got everywhere laid out nicely ready for their arrival and the dogs are on red alert in anticipation of lots of fuss, fun and treats. It really is a joy to see them enjoy Christmas so much.

Someone has a turkey sandwich.

The dogs only have eyes for Fallon - at the moment.

25 December 2010

The war zone.

Every one has opened their presents for today, now there is the tidying up to be done before Christmas tea.

Hot turkey.

The turkey is ready - yum yum!

New toys.

As you will see from the picture someone has been over doing it playing with his new toy!

20 December 2010

16 December 2010

How to mend a burst pipe.

During the cool spell we had the other week the water pipe on the sheeps trough froze up then burst so the estate got someone out to fix it the other day - with sticky tape. Now I'm not laughing for two reasons, one being I couldn't do any better but secondly and more worrying is that the same guys who fixed this also fixed our toilet - is there any wonder a guy has nightmares?!

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12 December 2010

Afternoon fun.

This afternoon we have come to visit a Victoria Garden Centre near to where we live. As trips out I guess it doesn't sound very exciting but its okay. There are lots of Christmas things and everywhere looks festive. We've also bought some presents for the dogs. The good thing about buying presents for the dogs is that they are sure to be appreciated and enjoyed.

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10 December 2010


Today we are having a rapid thaw which has led to water coming through the ceiling into the upstairs passage way. Thankfully the buckets are to hand so I have hopefully got the situation under control.

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7 December 2010

The fans have gone.

The guy from the company who are drying out our house has just been to take away his fans. What you see in the picture is the way things are at the moment.

3 December 2010

A nice morning.

Today there was no snow to be cleared so I was able to tend the sheep in good time. Usually I make it my first job but when there is fresh snow I like to get the paths cleared before people compact it down. This picture was taken on the way back across the field.