26 December 2010


Everyone has had a good day feasting, talking and relaxing. In the picture is my my mum and vicki.

Another feast.

Today my family are coming to visit so we are looking forward to another feast and more merriment. As usual Vicki has got everywhere laid out nicely ready for their arrival and the dogs are on red alert in anticipation of lots of fuss, fun and treats. It really is a joy to see them enjoy Christmas so much.

Someone has a turkey sandwich.

The dogs only have eyes for Fallon - at the moment.

25 December 2010

The war zone.

Every one has opened their presents for today, now there is the tidying up to be done before Christmas tea.

Hot turkey.

The turkey is ready - yum yum!

New toys.

As you will see from the picture someone has been over doing it playing with his new toy!

20 December 2010

16 December 2010

How to mend a burst pipe.

During the cool spell we had the other week the water pipe on the sheeps trough froze up then burst so the estate got someone out to fix it the other day - with sticky tape. Now I'm not laughing for two reasons, one being I couldn't do any better but secondly and more worrying is that the same guys who fixed this also fixed our toilet - is there any wonder a guy has nightmares?!

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12 December 2010

Afternoon fun.

This afternoon we have come to visit a Victoria Garden Centre near to where we live. As trips out I guess it doesn't sound very exciting but its okay. There are lots of Christmas things and everywhere looks festive. We've also bought some presents for the dogs. The good thing about buying presents for the dogs is that they are sure to be appreciated and enjoyed.

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10 December 2010


Today we are having a rapid thaw which has led to water coming through the ceiling into the upstairs passage way. Thankfully the buckets are to hand so I have hopefully got the situation under control.

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7 December 2010

The fans have gone.

The guy from the company who are drying out our house has just been to take away his fans. What you see in the picture is the way things are at the moment.

3 December 2010

A nice morning.

Today there was no snow to be cleared so I was able to tend the sheep in good time. Usually I make it my first job but when there is fresh snow I like to get the paths cleared before people compact it down. This picture was taken on the way back across the field.

30 November 2010

The Cricket Field.

Does anyone fancy a game of cricket? It doesn't seem long since the guys were playing here yet it seems now to be as far away as to be another world.

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29 November 2010

Water shortage.

Today we have been without water since 9 am. I'm not sure where the problem is but everyone is in the same boat.

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28 November 2010

Rip out.

The guy is here to see what can be done about the flood damage and he is at present ripping out the carpet.

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Coming clean.

After more calls from Vicki yesterday it seems someone might be coming out to clean the carpet in the sitting room which is smelling so bad now it makes me feel ill to go in there. So that is some good news.

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26 November 2010

We are with the Co-op.

this morning the estate guys got the toilet sorted after being organised by the lady from the office. As of yet we can't get any satisfaction from the Co-op insurance people as to what's happening. The sitting room carpet and sofa's are soaking wet but we don't want to throw them outside if they are only going to get cleaned and not renewed. They have said that they will come and look on Tuesday so that means spending all weekend stood in water and dampness so Vicki has been on to them to get them out sooner. Its strange when we signed up it had to be done there and then, now we're stood in water there is no hurry - I wonder why that is?

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25 November 2010

Bit of a disaster.

This morning we awoke to a bit of a disaster. After years for taking all sorts of crap from people the toilet took its revenge and spewed its contents on to the bathroom floor and so on into the sitting room all over the chairs, carpets, walls and a multitude of other things too. I will post the pictures on my other blog later. Have a nice day.

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21 November 2010

Shopping Trip Is Canceled.

Today we had all planned on going out for a meal followed by a trip to the shops but Vicki has been taken ill due we think to something she eat at her sisters. Is seems that they too are afflicted by the same stomach complaint. so as things stand she is in the armchair by the fire and only place we are going when she feels up to it is back home.

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20 November 2010

Its chicken feed.

This weekend me and Vicki are staying at my parents house. They are away on a coach trip for the day so we are going to keep ourselves occupied until they return later this evening.

The picture is of some chickens and cat that belong to to the next door neighbour which seem to treat this place like a take away.

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19 November 2010

Dog eat dog.

I wonder why some people say 'it's a dog eat dog world' when it's more often than not man eating man and very rarely a dog?

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7 November 2010

Reservior walk at dusk.

We finished our hike with a four mile stretch along the banks of the Howden and Derwent dams. This is always a favourite way to finish the day.

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Tommy on Margery Hill.

Sorry I didn't keep you posted very well yesterday but my battery ran down also there wasn't a very good signal in places. Anyway here is Tommy on Margery Hill which is Border Collie heaven being a morass of mud water and peat bogs several of which he tested the depth of personaly.

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6 November 2010

Wheel Stones.

Tom and I are enjoying our hike so far. We have done the big climb of the day and are now walking the hill. Or we will be when we start walking again. We've just stopped for a cheese sandwich and a Bonio. The rocks in the picture were on our route a short way back.

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1 November 2010

Winter Hours.

Today I start my winter working hours which are 08.30 to 04.00. That's 2 hours less than I work through the summer. I will stay on this time now until the end of February. I work this way to make best use of the day light to cover the varying seasonal work loads.

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30 October 2010

Stickie Time.

I think tonights walk was a bit boring for someone because he brought a stick to throw.

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2 October 2010

Home Time.

Today is the end of our holiday. There is 7 hours driving to be doneso what with that and some stops it will be a full days job.

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1 October 2010

The Red Duchess.

The Red Duchess leaving port with a load of timber.

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Heading Out.

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Still Wet.

Its still throwing it down outside so I've been indoors all morning reading a book. Me and Tommy ventured out a short while ago for a walk and a paddle. It was pretty grim though.

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Grim Weather.

Today the weather is grim. The wind is howling down the loch and the rain lashing on the skylight. Its not fit to turn a dog out. In fact the dog has shown no interest in getting up let alone turned out which is unusual as he is usually up and pestering to go for a paddle.

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30 September 2010

Lochgilphead and Crinan.

Today we went to Lochgilphead and the Crinan Canal. There are a few shops at Lochgilphead that were of interest to Vicki so while she explored inside the shops me and Tommy explored outside them.

After lunch we went for a walk along the toe path by the Crinan Canal which was enjoyable on a warm afternoon. On returning to the Crinan Basing we watched the boats while sitting outside the café drinking afternoon tea. Me and Tommy fancied a cream cake but Vicki though they were to expensive. Tommy came out ok though cos he looked cute at the lady in the tea rooms and she brought him some ham and a drink of water. I tried looking cute at her too but it didn't work for me.

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Bridge over the canal.

Bridge and cottages on the Crinan Canal.

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Crinan basin.

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Monument at Lochgilphead.

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Lochgilphead main street.

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View from Lochgilphead.

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28 September 2010


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Atlantic Bridge.

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Looking from where the ferries to the isles dock.

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Todays view from the cottage.

Today is overcast and grey but not depressing as there is still a certain beauty about it somewhow.


Tommy says that holidays are very tiring cos you have to fetch lots of sticks and do lots of walks and go for drives in the car.

Today we are going to Oban and most likely other places too. I will post some more pics later.

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27 September 2010

Going for a swim.

We are now on the eastern side of Loch Lomond which is a good place for doggies to go for a swim. The weather is overcast today but its dry and still so not to bad. We are actually on the route of the West Highland Way which is a walk I did many years ago. Whilst at Luss I was standing out side a shop with Tommy while Vicki had a look round inside and the shop owner came out and invited us in saying he would rather have dogs in the shop than some people, he even gave Tommy a piece of complementary shortbread.

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Loch Lomond.

Today we are taking a dri e round Loch lomond.

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26 September 2010


Today we went for a little walk. Tommy managed a few paddles in the loch (lake). Thank you for your comments Sara its nice that you join in our holiday. Here are a couple more pictures take to day from around the village where we are staying.

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Some boats.

Another picture taken during our walk today.

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25 September 2010

We have just arrived.

We have just arrived at the cottage where we are to be staying this week. The picture is of the view we have from the garden Tommy is taking it all in his stride and seems to be enjoying himself.

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We just completed the first part of our journey and are stopped at Callander. We have traveled 272 miles from home and the weather is bright and fresh. Vicki has just taken Tommy for a by the river while I have a break then we will take a walk round town.

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15 September 2010

Veg for the house

Cabbage, Leeks, Onions and Spinach for the shoot at the big house this Friday.

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12 September 2010

Today we were going go and see about getting a new car for Vicki but instead she decided to go to Rotherham show whilst I watched the grand prix. She has just returned from the show with the car expired. Its losing water somewhere but I can see no leaks so I'm concerned going in to the engine and if so the repair won't be a cheap fix. Its quite annoying really.

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9 September 2010

Welcome home.

Its nice to know there is always someone looking forward to you returning home after a long hard day at work.

I love the hint. (Collar)

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5 September 2010

Versitile Blogger.

The Dogs of Greenhill Farm gave me an award the other week which I am very grateful for. The rules of the award are that I share seven things about myself, so here goes.

1) I love dogs, in particular Border Collies.
2) When I was little me and my friend went in to hiding in the fields on hearing my grandmother announce that there were Indians knocking on next doors front door. At the time the only Indians we knew of were the ones from the cowboy films, in this instance the Indians were the Asian kind and doing no worse than selling things from suitcases.
3) Also when I was little I ran away to the woods because my aunt was going to take me to have my hair cut, for some reason I thought it would hurt.
4) When I was aged 10 I didn’t do my homework preferring instead to go and help out on the farm. They had this policy at the time where the teacher read out the answers to questions and the children marked their own homework. I figured out that if he wasn’t going to be looking at my home work book he wouldn’t know what I wrote for answers so I just put anything and when I had to shout out my score at the end of marking I said something realistic and that worked fine until the day he asked to see our books. In those days there was no detention just twelve inch rulers, or a cane if you were really bad.
5) I am easy going but selfish with a streak of determination, I have never worked one day for money and have no time for people who are not prepared to suffer yet have a great admiration for those that do without complaint. Oh yes, and I still cry over the loss of my dog, but only in private, so I guess that makes me a softie too.
6) One day I would like to live somewhere warm and sunny, preferably in a rural location.
7) My favourite meal is fish, chips and mushy peas, my fav hot drink is tea and my fav cold drink is orange juice and Indian tonic water mixed, or if I want something that’s spiced up a little I will add Southern Comfort to it.

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3 September 2010

Veg for the shoot.

I've just taken this food over for the shoot lunch tomorrow. Now I'm off home to get my own lunch and post the video that I've been bustin' to post all week. I will be posting that on my main blog the link to which is at the top of this sidebar.

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1 September 2010

Autumn hours.

Today is the start of my autumn work hours which along with my spring hours are basically my standard times. I work from 8.30 to 5.00 march, april, september, october. Then november to february is an hour less than that time to take account of work load and day light hours so I finish at 4.00 all winter. To make up the 1 hour less all winter I work 1 hour more than my standard time may june july and august. So from now on I will be able to go a walk with Tommy as soon as I get home as dinner won't be ready so that's good.

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31 August 2010

Wait till Friday.

Tommy thanks you for your comments and say that if you think fetching beer is smart wait until Friday! Also well done to those who spotted his limp. He does it for sympathy. He thinks that if he puts on a limp he won't get asked to fetch the beer! In actual fact the vet says he has arthritis due to an old injury to his right front leg. It comes and goes depending on how fast he needs to get to the treats cupboard.

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29 August 2010

Race day.

Today the F1 racing started after the summer break so me and Tom have had an exciting afternoon, Lewis Hamilton won which was an added bonus. We spared a thought for our blog pals though and made you a little video which I will post later on my main blog. We're going for a little walk now though.

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22 August 2010

Clumber Park.

Today we have been for a picnic in Clumber Park which is on the way to my parents house which is where are now.

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18 August 2010

Some Merlot For Jim.

I just took these pix for my friend Jim. He has a very interesting blog so why not take a look as I'm sure he would be pleased to see you, just click [Here].

I'll save these for next time you're over Jim - better keep of the escalators afterwards thought!!!

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17 August 2010


I took this picture of Tommy posing by the Sunflowers today. The family have gone back to London so he came to help me in the garden. They know I take him to work but its best if I keep him out of the way when they are around as they sometimes come round with their own dogs.

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15 August 2010

Thanks To All.

I would like to thank all for their thoughts over our loss of Tippy. I have to confess to being very upset by it all. I still can't believe what a big hole a little dog can leave in ones life. I miss her even more than most family members who have passed away in times past. I guess in a way that is understandable considering for ten years we were hardly separated both in work and play. I'm sure that in time things will become easier and maybe one day I will do something special for her on here. Of course the real saviour in all this upset is Tommy without whom the everything would have been almost unbearable.

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