9 September 2014

Low Priority Rabbits.

If you grow Lettuce, and indeed various other vegetables it can sometimes be worth leaving them in the garden even after they are past being useful for eating as they can put on a display just as good as any flowering plant. Tell me if I'm wrong but wouldn't the Lettuce in the picture look good in any Herbaceous border? I haven't tried this but one could probably still pick off individual leaves and add them to a salad.

Incidentally the Leeks in front of the lettuce are a failure. People keep on telling me that keeping rabbits out of the garden is not a priority, I hope they are as understanding when I present them with the Leeks in the picture as the two previous sowing's got eaten by the low priority rabbits last spring.

6 September 2014

Strange Cabbage.

I have these Cabbages in the garden at work which I have grown in a ring of wire netting for protection, I think there are four plants the one you see being the biggest. I planted them such a long time ago that I can't even remember what they are but by the look of them I think they may be Savoy cabbages planted for last winter but were a bit late so never developed when they should but have done so now. The other interesting thing is that because of the wire netting around them they have grown on long stalks of about eighteen inches long presumably so they can escape the chicken wire around them. Until you examine it closely the four plants seem to be one plant with four cabbage heads which looks sort of unusual.