12 September 2016

Goose Herding

Been watching a Border Collie herding geese this afternoon.
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Free Day.

Today is a free day so we are shortly heading out to explore the town and see where that takes us. The weather is lovely and promises to be very hot.
The picture is the view from our room.
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11 September 2016

Good Morning

Shortly we will be continuing our journey to Le Bugie.
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10 September 2016

Crossing The Channel

On our way across the English Channel to Calais after a fish and chip dinner. 

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We have arrived at Dover and are waiting for our ferry to Calais.‎ 

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Trip to France.

Up at 4am this morning to start our journey to France where we will be spending the next week.


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16 June 2016

Waiting for the ball

Tess waiting for someone to play ball.

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14 June 2016

Oldshore Beach

A great place for ball games with Tess.

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11 June 2016

Loch Ness

Stopped off at Fort Agustus for a bite to eat. This is a picture of Loch Ness, famous for its monster.

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Taking a break

This week we are taking a holiday to Scotland. The picture was taken at Callander where we took a break before continuing our journey north.

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16 May 2016

Weeding on what I call the Astilbe border.

One of the jobs I did today was to strim around the walled garden. there are a few places that I can't get at with the mowers so I go round with the strimmer every couple of weeks or so and knock off any long grass.

After this I did some weeding on what I call the Astilbe border. as with a few places at the moment it was in need of some weeding so I forked it over and added a top dressing of fertiliser.

After lunch I took out some weeds in a gravel path and then cut the greens.

1 May 2016

Sandringham Houset

Today we are visiting Sandringham House which is one of the royal residence.


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30 April 2016

Wroxham Broard.

This picture was taken during our boat ride this afternoon.


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Train Ride

This morning we have been for a ride on a narrow gauge railway. I would tell you the name of it but it slips my mind at the moment, I was having to much fun to remember the minor details.


After a spot of shopping we are enjoying a pint of beer with cod and chips before taking a boat trip on the Norfolk boards.


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29 April 2016

Putting my feed up with a whisky

Enjoying a whisky before going to bed.


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A good day but missing the dogs.

We have just arrived at the Holiday Inn Norwich after spending the afternoon looking around Norwich Castle Museum. We are just taking a break. Before going down for a spot of dinner. It's been a good day but I always miss the dogs who are at home being looked after by a kind friend.

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Break to Norfolk

Today we embark on a three day break to Norfolk by coach so I get to sit back and take in the views instead of driving.

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27 April 2016

The return of winter.

This evening we had another snow storm, we've now had more snow this past couple of days than we had all last winter.
 Last night when I went to put the dogs in for the night Blondie was laid on the lawn unable to stand up and when I tried to get her up she cried out in pain. After trying one thing or another I eventually managed to get her in to the kennels. I worried about her all night and went out early as possible this morning hoping to see her up and about but there was no change in her condition so I called my boss and he told me that it is something that happens to her when she has had a lot of exercise which he admitted to her having that previous afternoon. She has had lots of tests done in the past and they seem to think that it's a sort of physiological problem so what I had to do was to lift her with a strap around her tummy and then just hold her there for a few minutes and she quickly recovered. It was quite amazing because she went from looking like she was paralysed to running around the kennels in the space of about five minutes. I can't tell you how relieved I was.

Blondie out for a walk with Tess.


26 April 2016

Dahlia planting in the memorial gardens.

Today I have planted another lot of Dahlia's, this time in the memorial gardens.

Dahlia tubers Border Princess loaded up and waiting to be placed ready for planting after first applying a dressing of bonemeal.

There are eighty five tubers which I have spaced out roughly two feet apart. I put them all in place before planting that way I can space them evenly.
I just got the job finished before a random snow storm, thankfully the snow didn't lay around for long

31 March 2016

Ripley Castle

I am on holiday again this week so as it's a nice day and Vicki also has the day off we decided to take a trip to Ripley Castle.

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26 March 2016

First Lambs

We had the first Lambs today which I like to think is a sign of Spring approaching.

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21 March 2016

Fancy A Job?

I have spent all day today pruning roses, first of all the two beds of new roses called 'The Poets Wife' and then this afternoon I was working on the North Front rose bed. I still have more to do in that bed tomorrow also there are a few other rose bushes dotted about the North Front that I will also do whilst there.

I saw the boss this afternoon, he has been away for a break in South Africa and has returned with some seeds for me to try and grow. He often returns with seeds from his travels and it's quite a challenge to get them to grow, especially as I don't even know what they are most of the time but it's fun seeing how they turn out.

He also informed me that the new people who have only been here for around four months have handed in their notice to quit. They were originally employed to run the new bed and breakfast venture but are leaving before it has even got going which seems a shame to me but I guess it's up to them. This will mean that I am on dog duties again until some one else can be employed. I don't mind looking after the dogs but it's a terrible drain on my time right when things are getting really busy in the gardens. So if you like dogs and fancy a job running a B&B on a small estate, let me know and I will pass on some information for you.

This is a picture taken at Harlow Carr gardens last week when we were there, we were taken by the lovely white trunks.

16 March 2016


Today we are having a drive round seen as it's a nice day. At the moment we are having lunch at Hathersage which is the resting place of Little John of Robin Hood fame.

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14 March 2016

Crocus in a pot.

One of several pots of bulbs around the place.

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Visit to Harlow Carr

I have this week off work so today Vicki and I are paying a visit to RHS Harlow Carr‎ gardens.
To visit their website click [Here] 

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5 March 2016

Mothers Day Visit

Today I am taking visit to my parents on account of it being mothers day here tomorrow. I also have Tess and Scampi with me. I wouldn't normally bring Scampi as she is daughter Fallons dog but I am dog sitting for her this weekend as she is away to her nephews 1st birthday party in Coventry.


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