27 November 2015

My Little Helper

Tess likes to help in the garden, here she is helping keep an eye on the ball.

Off to fill the log box.

That's that job done, now I'm off to fill up the log box in the hall. This entails carrying logs up from the cellar in a basket and loading them in to a big wooden chest. I will probably have around ten baskets full to carry up after which I may get offered a coffee.

Soil Removal

I managed to get one of the greenhouses fully insulated yesterday and this is where I am at the moment, in the middle of removing the soil from the border. I change the soil every year so as to avoid any build up of bugs and disease in the soil. I will refill the bed with fresh soil in late winter. I could do it now but  the depth of the empty bed helps when storing taller plants for the winter. These plants and others will be brought from the conservatory where there is no heating and will spent the winter in this warm greenhouse.

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26 November 2015


Preparing the bubble wrap involves measuring, cutting out to size and then joining the bits together with staples. I like to do this on a flat surface before taking to the greenhouse for fitting.

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Today I am going to be insulating this greenhouse. I have been putting it off with the weather being so mild but last weekends cold snap made me think that I've put it off long enough.

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21 November 2015

A few questions answered from my last post.

A few questions answered from yesterday.

Yes Tess and Blondie get along fine Janneke I even have them together in the garden sometimes.

Blondie is just a big softie Doc, she does need watching though or she tends to run riot but her heart is in the right place and will usually do as she is told once she understands what it is you want her to do.

Hi Sara, They aren't all over each other all the time but I can tell when I first bring them together that they are pleased to see one another.

20 November 2015

Dog walking time.

For the time being I am walking the bosses dog as part of my duties. He did have someone else doing it but they went and left. I also make use of the time to take Tess along too. I know I shouldn't really walk my dog in works time but I do work on a weekend that I don't get paid for so it all evens itself out in the long run.

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18 November 2015

First Job

The first job for me at the moment is to open up the front gates which I then close again in the evening.

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16 November 2015

A Busy Return To Work.

Today was my first full day back at work although I didn't get to spend much more than a couple of hours in the garden. I am having to take care of the dogs at the moment. Also there were logs to be taken to the hall and someone came to fit a new fireplace in the garden house ready for any wedding parties in the future and he needed a hand so I obliged by giving the use of mine. In the garden I managed to clear some leaves and rake over the gravel on the North Front where local youths had been practising their doughnut skills. All of this has to be squeezed in to my shorter winter working hours.

New fireplace and fire guard.

15 November 2015

Too Much Water.

When we came back through Callender on Friday the river was just starting to burst it's banks with all the rain we had during the previous few days.

The river encroaching into the car park.

12 November 2015

11 November 2015


Being on holiday is very tiring. I'm glad that I'm not the one is going to have to make her move over a bit.

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10 November 2015

9 November 2015

Having a drive out.

Today we are having a drive out Oban way. The weather is being  wet again which stops us doing as much stopping and exploring as we would like but we are keeping busy looking at shops and stuff. Tess has been out with us at Lochgilphead but I think she is best left in the car while we look around Oban as the rain is coming down quite heavy again now. She doesn't mind the rain too much but it means me standing out side with her whenever Vicki wants to take a look round.

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7 November 2015

Off on holiday.

Today we are off to Minard near Inveraray in Scotland for a weeks holiday. We traveled part way last night and stayed at the Moffat House Hotel in Moffat.

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