28 June 2021

Sweet Pea Update.

 As promised here is an update on the progress of this years Sweet Peas. I'm going to have to get some dead heading done soon so as to keep them flowering.

27 June 2021

Delphinium Update.

 Some who follow this blog will have seen the series I've been doing on the Delphinium  crown bud cuttings that I took last year, well today I can show you one that has come into flower. This is the only one that I have planted in the ground as I'm growing the rest on in pots to try and bulk to the plant rather than allow it to flower this year. I just wanted to grow on one to give you all an idea of what to expect from the end result. 

If you want to see the whole series just click on the labels for this post.

A few posts ago I showed you the Sweet Peas having just been planted out. Well they are all growing away well now so tomorrow I will post an update picture for you. I will also be posting about a new project that I am embarking on over the next few months so stay tuned.