12 September 2022

Some Paving Work.

 We have my 94 year old mum staying with us for a few weeks so to keep an eye on her and at the same time get some work done I decided to take down the Tomatoes from the greenhouse as it's opposite the conservatory so she could sit in and watch me. After this job was completed I set to and laid a few of the paving slabs that I have collected for the floor. This sort of work is not something I'm good at and I'm sure I should probably be using cement or something but I don't have any so I'm just laying them straight on to the gravel. I've got them level and they don't wobble around or anything so that's good. When I get a chance I will buy some sand and brush into the cracks and then keep my fingers crossed they stay where they are. Another problem has been that the slabs are not all the same size so the gaps between the paving are bigger in some places.

9 September 2022

Fruit and flower.

I noticed this the other day on one our apple trees. It has fruit and blossom on at the same time which I don't ever recall seeing before. I will keep a close eye on the flowers to see how they progress. I can't imagine they will come to much but it will be interesting none the less.