23 March 2015

This week I am taking a break from work.

This week I am taking a break from work so this morning Vicki and I went in to Doncaster to buy some shoes for Vicki. We had great success and returned with two pairs of shoes and a new coat.

After lunch we took the dogs to Cusworth park, something they consider to be a treat. There are different smells and things to see. Vicki took bread to feed the ducks, there were some sideways looks from the dogs, I think they thought that they were expected to in in the water to get a share. Neither took the plunge.

One of many different water foul to be found on the lake.

22 March 2015

Yesterday was the first anniversary of my dog Tommy passing which still makes me feel sad. Today though we are going out to lunch with the family to celebrate my mum's birthday which is tomorrow.

Before setting off to Derbyshire I managed to lose my car keys. Everyone saw them on my coat which was on the kitchen table ready to depart but when the time came to pick them up  to leave they were missing which is a bit of a mystery. I suspect I must have picked them up and put them somewhere without thinking, hopefully they will turn up eventually.

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7 March 2015

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I spotted this Daffodil in the garden yesterday, it's the first one of the year.

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