3 October 2020

Autumn Alliums.

Yesterday I made the most of what was left of the dry weather by planting the Autumn Alliums. These consist of two types of Garlic and a couple variety of Shallots. I made a mistake with one lot of Shallots because after planting I discovered that one was actually a Spring planting variety. I was assuming that because they were a pack offered by a seed company that they were all for planting now. I guess the lesson is to always read the instructions even if you think you know what you are doing. Anyway I've left them to take their chances and see how they go. I also have some red and white Autumn planting onions to put in but I still have to clear some ground for them. The yellow tape is just to try and make people notice the planting area as we have a lot of people with big feet around the place these days and they aren't too particular where they put them. I've also covered with a net for more protection, and to capture the culprits big feet should they ignore the tape!

2 October 2020

Chelsea Gem

 I was just reading a blog post by Veg Plotting and it's prompted me to post a few pictures of a new Pelargonium  called Chelsea Gem that I have bought this summer along with a few others. I keep buying them from time to time and am getting quite a collection. I'm not sure that anyone else around here appreciates them but I think they're great.