26 December 2012

Christmas is very tiring.

After lots of present opening and keeping an eye on the Christmas dinner Tess put her feet up and took a nap on the couch.
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24 December 2012


While shepherds watched their flocks by night
All seated on the ground,
The Angel of the Lord came down,
And Glory shone around.

The Union of Shepherds has complained that it breaches Health & Safety Regulations to insist the shepherds watch their flocks without appropriate seating arrangements being provided.
Therefore, benches, stools and orthopedic chairs must be available. Shepherds have also requested that, due to inclement weather they should watch their flocks via CCTV cameras behind centrally heated shepherd observation huts.
The Angel of the Lord is reminded that before shining his / her Glory all around, the shepherds must be issued with glasses capable of filtering out any harmful effects of UVA, UVB and Glory lighting.

23 December 2012

Tess's First Holiday.

A short while ago the dogs went on a long weekend break to North Yorkshire and took their housekeeping staff with them which meant Vicki and I also got a long weekend but notice that I omit the break! This was the first time that Tess had been away on holiday and after all the trouble we've had with her travelling problems it was a bit of a worry as to whether everything would go okay. Thankfully though all our patience and hard work had paid off and she was a model holiday maker, I think she is going to grow up to make a fine and enthusiastic tourist. There were times when she got a bit restless but  guess that's to be expected of a young Border Collie. Anyway here are a few pictures that I took of her.

Watching the big train huff and puff its way along the track.
Praying that someone will throw that sticky.
I'm a model dog on holiday.
Posing at the Kilburn White Horse
Right - that's it, I've sat still long enough.

14 December 2012

A Frosty Morning.

The plants are the same, they just got painted a drifferent colour in the night. The plants in Winter can be just as interesting to the eye as they are in the Summer.
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13 December 2012

Checking The Sheep.

Checking in on the sheep on this cold Winters morning.
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