24 January 2022

A Place To Rest Awhile.

I've been looking for a chair for my room at the new place for a while now and whilst there is no shortage of chairs to be had I had something particular in mind along the lines of vintage, antique type if not genuine then at least in appearance. Anyway I recently spotted something that I liked and was lucky enough to win it. So I was really excited when delivery day finally arrived and I was able to see in the flesh my new acquisition and I wasn't disappointed, it's solid and very comfortable and I think looks well in the room. 

My new rocking chair.


22 January 2022

Repurposed Gin Barrel.

 Many years ago I inherited two stoneware barrels from my grandparents on my mothers side of the family. In all that time they've just been around collecting dust mostly, infact all the time we've been at our present home they have been stored away and not even seen the light of day. Well recently we have been going through things and having a clear out and it was during this that I came across the barrels and as they have never really contributed to anything I felt under pressure to get rid of them which I was reluctant to do with them being my grandparents and also something I remember from my childhood. So I came up with this idea which would give them a purpose and so save them getting the chop so to speak. Yesterday I put my plan into action and below is the result. 

I have the other one to do sometime but I need some different fittings as the tap is stuck in the closed position on the other barrel so I need a different way to route the wiring as I don't want to alter the barrel in anyway. I will have a go at freeing the tap but I don't hold out much hope of that being successful. 

17 January 2022

Drax Power Station.

 A picture of Drax power station which is apparently being switched over from being a coal fired power station to one that burns only wood.

5 January 2022

No More Football.

Today head gardener Timothy-Michael has had to go back to the vets as there is little or no improvement with his leg so he had to go and get kncked out so the vet could give a proper examination. He doesn't take kindly to vets, they only have to look at him and he growls at them, not a good patient at all. Anyway they have found that he has torn some ligaments in the knee of one of his hind legs which is quite serious and could need an expensive operation if it doesn't mend by itself. He has to have six months rest and is most likely the end of his footballing career. Knowing Timothy-Michael niether of which will be something he would wish for.

Also today I put in an order for my retirement greenhouse. We have a big outbuilding with a pretty boring wall so I've decided to go with a leanto style greenhouse to go against the wall. I also figured that when I no longer require it as a working greenhouse someone can make use of it as a sunroom type building should they choose. The diamensions are 16 feet by 8 feet so a reasonable size although not as big as the one I've been used to at work but my new garden isn't anywhere as big as the one at work so I think it will be okay.

The picture below is of the leanto from the website. Mine will be plain aluminium with white glazing bars. Done in colour the cost would be a great deal more so I chose to have a larger size than a pretty colour.