30 March 2010

Tenax Mastic.

Thank you The Gaudy Garden for your comment. The stuff I'm using to try and repair the earn is a mastic that is intended for sticking stone and marble. You have to mix a hardener to the resin at a rate of 3 parts hardener to 100 parts resin. It goes off pretty quickly even on a cool damp day such as today. I also bound the whole lot together with some wired so that it didn't try and seperate before it was set. I slid the earn around on the board tonight and it seemed solid but I will leave it as it is for a couple of days to be on the safe side. I don't know how long it will last as only time can tell us that.

Earn Repairing.

Good morning everyone, I hope you’re having a good day. This morning Bob has been trying to repair the earn that got broken by the frost last January. I’m not sure if I will be successful but at least I tried. It doesn't want to fit together very well in some places but its not too bad and will weather over as long as it doesn't fall to bits again before hand.

26 March 2010


We've just arrived in Richmond after our visit to Leyburn which is the home to one of Vicki's favourite shops which is called Serendipity.


Today me and Vicki are taking a day trip to Richmond via Ripon and Leyburn in North Yorkshire. This is Weaver Of Grass country but I haven't spotted her or the farmer yet.

23 March 2010


Friendship isn't a big thing
its a million little things.


Today we have gone home to Derbyshire as its my mums birthday and we are taking here out for the day then tonight we are going for a Chinese meal with the family.

22 March 2010

Wentworth Garden Centre.

Today me and Vicki went to a garden centre, thankfully there was a bit to see indoors as the weather outside was not pleasant hence the fact that the picture below is devoid of people. This particular garden centre is nice to visit as they have a little garden that is open to the public for free so if the weather is nice you can have a walk round and a sit down. Also there are other retail places there besides the gardening side of things.

I’ll tell you what Emily, if I’d had a can of Stella I would probably be more capable of doing two things at the same time!

No Gardening.

This week Bob is on holiday so there won't be much in the way of garden work being done but no doubt I will find something to talk about even if its only to say 'I just fell over a mole hill'. That'll teach me to blog and walk at the same time. It also proves I'm not a woman!

21 March 2010

New Table And Chairs.

Our nextdoor neighbours are moving out this week and are unable to fit their dinning table in to their new kitchen so as they were selling it Vicki decided to buy it from them. Its a very nice piece of furniture made from solid oak.

17 March 2010

Who'd Be A Woodpecker?

I'm out with the dogs at the moment and welve just been watching a Woodpecked looking for breakfast high up in the branches of an old Ash tree and I couldn't help feeling that its a hard way to make a living.

13 March 2010


Lunch Break

Hello everyone. I just stopped for a lunch break. The walk is going well although the weather is much colder and very windy up here on the hill. I'm taking plenty of pictures to show you when I get back.


Today Bob is off walking, I will try and keep you poted through the day if I get the chance. I'm not sure how the posts will turn out as I can't always attach pictures the same post as the writing for some reason so you may get writing in one post and pictures in another but we will see. Also if any pics are posted they won't be of great quality, the good ones will be on the hiking gardener blogspot after I get back.

Its a nice day here at the moment and I'm raring to get going which is always a good sign so I will be off now. Take care and have a nice day.

1 March 2010

Weekend Walk.

Hello everyone. Bob went for a walk at the weekend and took a few pictures for you all as I went on my way. If you would like to see them they are on my 'Hiking Gardener' blog [Click Here]