29 September 2012

The final leg.

Today is the final day of our holiday. The time seems to have gone quickly but I have lots more memories than when I started a week ago. Today we travel through France to the ferry at Calais and then follows the worst part of all, the six hour drive home through the UK. It will be the early hours of Sunday morning before we arrive home. The best part will be seeing the dogs again.

28 September 2012

Homeward Bound.

After a wonderful day in Venice yesterday we now find ourselves homeward bound. Today we travel back through Switzerland and into France where we will spend the night. Yesterday was amazing, half a day was nowhere near long enough for a place like Venice. I think one spend days exploring the narrow alleys and the wonderful historic buildings. I'm starting to get worried that I'm turning in to a townie because apart from Venice we visited Paris a few weeks ago and I loved it there too and then there is Valletta in Malta that we visited a few years ago. I took plenty of pictures which I will post when I return.

27 September 2012


Yesterday we took a trip across Lake Garda to Tolli. This is a well worth place to visit. There is some historical interest, nice shops and places to eat, most of which face out onto the lake. The trip was all the more enjoyable when the sun came out shortly after leaving the hotel. Today we are on our way to Venice which has meant an early start as it's quite a way from our hotel. I will take some pictures to post when I get home.

26 September 2012

A Day To Please Ourselves.

Today our driver has a day off so we are left to amuse ourselves. Unfortunately the weather has taken a turn for the worse so at the moment we are just waiting to see if the rain clears a bit before heading out on foot to see what there is to keep us amused.

25 September 2012

Back From Verona.

We have just returned from Verona after a very interesting sight seeing tour. There are lots of interesting things to see, far more than you can see in one day. The weather has been great, hot and sunny all day so it was a good excuse to try some Italian ice cream. After dinner were are taking a moonlight cruise to Garda which is across the lake from where we are staying.

Dolomite Mountains.

Yesterday we went for a drive to the Italian Dolomites. It was a nice drive up through the various villages with some magnificent view of both the valleys and peaks. The road eventually came to an end at 2500 meters with clouds coming and going on the chilled wind. There was a cable car ride to the top of the mountain but they warned us that because of the wind they might stop the car running at any moment which would have left us with a lengthy walk back down to the coach so we didn't dare risk it as no one was equipped for a high mountain trek. So instead we had a light lunch and checked out some of the gift shops. Today we are going to Verona which I know little about except that it has some connection to William Shakespeare.

23 September 2012

Switzerland and Italy

Having traveled through the UK and France on Saturday today we are going to be traveling through Switzerland to Lake Garda in Italy which is where we will be staying until Friday morning. It has been a long journey but when viewed as an adventure is a worthwhile one.