30 November 2010

The Cricket Field.

Does anyone fancy a game of cricket? It doesn't seem long since the guys were playing here yet it seems now to be as far away as to be another world.

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29 November 2010

Water shortage.

Today we have been without water since 9 am. I'm not sure where the problem is but everyone is in the same boat.

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28 November 2010

Rip out.

The guy is here to see what can be done about the flood damage and he is at present ripping out the carpet.

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Coming clean.

After more calls from Vicki yesterday it seems someone might be coming out to clean the carpet in the sitting room which is smelling so bad now it makes me feel ill to go in there. So that is some good news.

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26 November 2010

We are with the Co-op.

this morning the estate guys got the toilet sorted after being organised by the lady from the office. As of yet we can't get any satisfaction from the Co-op insurance people as to what's happening. The sitting room carpet and sofa's are soaking wet but we don't want to throw them outside if they are only going to get cleaned and not renewed. They have said that they will come and look on Tuesday so that means spending all weekend stood in water and dampness so Vicki has been on to them to get them out sooner. Its strange when we signed up it had to be done there and then, now we're stood in water there is no hurry - I wonder why that is?

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25 November 2010

Bit of a disaster.

This morning we awoke to a bit of a disaster. After years for taking all sorts of crap from people the toilet took its revenge and spewed its contents on to the bathroom floor and so on into the sitting room all over the chairs, carpets, walls and a multitude of other things too. I will post the pictures on my other blog later. Have a nice day.

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21 November 2010

Shopping Trip Is Canceled.

Today we had all planned on going out for a meal followed by a trip to the shops but Vicki has been taken ill due we think to something she eat at her sisters. Is seems that they too are afflicted by the same stomach complaint. so as things stand she is in the armchair by the fire and only place we are going when she feels up to it is back home.

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20 November 2010

Its chicken feed.

This weekend me and Vicki are staying at my parents house. They are away on a coach trip for the day so we are going to keep ourselves occupied until they return later this evening.

The picture is of some chickens and cat that belong to to the next door neighbour which seem to treat this place like a take away.

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19 November 2010

Dog eat dog.

I wonder why some people say 'it's a dog eat dog world' when it's more often than not man eating man and very rarely a dog?

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7 November 2010

Reservior walk at dusk.

We finished our hike with a four mile stretch along the banks of the Howden and Derwent dams. This is always a favourite way to finish the day.

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Tommy on Margery Hill.

Sorry I didn't keep you posted very well yesterday but my battery ran down also there wasn't a very good signal in places. Anyway here is Tommy on Margery Hill which is Border Collie heaven being a morass of mud water and peat bogs several of which he tested the depth of personaly.

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6 November 2010

Wheel Stones.

Tom and I are enjoying our hike so far. We have done the big climb of the day and are now walking the hill. Or we will be when we start walking again. We've just stopped for a cheese sandwich and a Bonio. The rocks in the picture were on our route a short way back.

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1 November 2010

Winter Hours.

Today I start my winter working hours which are 08.30 to 04.00. That's 2 hours less than I work through the summer. I will stay on this time now until the end of February. I work this way to make best use of the day light to cover the varying seasonal work loads.

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