29 November 2021

Camping Out At The New House.

 At the weekend Timothy - Michael and I spent the weekend camped out at the new house. We had a few jobs to do and I also wanted to get a feel for the place. I think we arrived roughly at the same time as  Storm Arwen because not long after arriving the power went down and didn't return again until the evening for a couple of hours before once again going off not to return for a further twenty four hours but we were okay. We got a stove going in one of the rooms and we had a propane cooked to boil up water for tea and make something to eat, we were actually very cosy. We didn't get a lot of work done on the Saturday as it was to wild outdoors and it was a bit too dark indoors to do a lot but we did meet the neighbours who are really nice people and made us feel very welcome indeed, they even lent me a pan for the cooker as we didn't have anything there like that, just an electric kettle and a microwave which were both useless. We also got to find out some details of the area from our visit to the neighbours. 

My bed for the night in the corner.

Timothy - Michael tested various sleeping places within the room during the night.

24 November 2021

New Beginning.

First of all I will apologise for this post being out of sequence as it should have been before the previous post but the computer with the pictures on it was out of order but it's back in action now so here goes.

Over the past few months we have been looking to buy a property as the house we live in belongs to the estate which I get as part of my wages so eventually I would either need to start paying rent or leave so we decided to buy a place so that when the time comes we have options.

So after lots of searching and disappointments we found this cottage and was fortunate enough to get the chance to buy it. That was back in July and it has taken until last Friday 19th November before everything was sorted and we were finally able to get the keys and use it as our own. For the time being we are going to be decorating and sorting out a few other little jobs with regard to the d├ęcor and of course in time there will be some jobs to be done in the garden.

Below is the front of the house taken from the lane. 

Again, this the front of the house but looking the other way. The front garden that you see here is south facing so will get lots of sunshine.

This is the end and back of the house. There is another property joined on to the end of our house. We haven't met the neighbours yet so we are keeping our fingers crossed.

This is the view looking from the back of the house and this is the view Timmy has from his perch at the top of the stairs which I showed you in the previous post.


23 November 2021

Timmy Found His New Spot.

Today we went over to the new house for the first time since getting the keys to the property. As we aren't moving in properly until April we are just taking a few things over a bit at a time in the cars as and when we go. Today's visit was mainly to take a look around the place, take some measurements and make a few notes as to what needs to be done, mostly in terms of decor and what have you. Of course I will be doing lots of work in the garden but there is no desperate rush with that at the time being. Another reason for the visit today was to take the dogs over to see how they liked it and as was to be expected they were quite eager to explore, especially Tess who was in to everything. Timmy was his usual self and very calm about it all and soon found his new favourite place which was on the top of the stairs. This was no great surprise as he is often to be found keeping an eye on things from the top of the stairs back at our old place. 
Timmy's has a new favourite place with a view out across fields.

Timmy soon found his new favourite place and was very laid back about it all.