23 December 2021

Second Hand Window Cleaner.

There has been know painting for me today as I've caught up with what I can do until I know what else Vicki intends. I think I've done okay for a novice decorator though, I've got two rooms ready and painted the ceiling throughout the rest of the house. So I had a bit of a tidy round this morning, took out all the painting things from the dinning room and gave it a sweep out and put some things back on the wall that I removed for decorating.

This afternoon I spent quite some time cleaning down a second hand window that I've got for the garage. There was all sealant around the edges from when it had been in it's last location so I cleaned all that off and washed it all down so it looks as good as new. It's a plastic frame so there's no rot to worry about.


22 December 2021

Painting The Dinning Room.

 Today we have been painting the dinning room walls. When I say WE I mean Timothy-Michael and I. Although as I said previously Timmy is under strict instructions not to over do things on account of his injured leg.

The first job was to piant around all the edges and corners which proved a more difficult and time consuming job than painting all the rest of the walls. I still have some work to do on the radiator but I ran out of time also I can't get properly with the brushes I have so Vicki is going to fix me up with something else which she says will do the job. Lets hope it does or we may end up with a stripy radiator.

21 December 2021

There's No Fooling Timothy - Michael.

 I finished work last Friday until in the new year so me and the head gardener are spending this week doing some work up at the cottage. One of the first jobs was to stack up some logs that we had delivered last week. I didn't have time to do it when they were delivered because I had to get back to work. I wasn't really skiving off as such as I am going to be feeding sheep and stuff over Christmas and New Year so I will more than make up for lost time then but I don't like to abuse a situation and I have plenty of time this week to stack up the logs.

Unfortnately the head gardener is not going to well at the moment as he has hurt one of his back legs. The vet doesn't seem to think he has torn or broken anything but he has several different lots of medication to take and has to rest as much as possible. There is one particular tablet that he has taken a dislike to and it's proving to be a challenge to get him to have it. Mostly he will take his medicine in cheese but not this tablet, he knows it's in there and just spits it back out. I even ground it up and put it in milk which he likes but there's no fooling him, he wouldn't take the milk. I've had some success today by dripping it in marmite and then wrapping it in cheese and then leaving it in the corner somewhere for him to discover for himself and so far that is working out okay.

15 December 2021

Potting Shed Spruce Up.

 Me and Timmy stayed over at the cottage again last weekend and one of the jobs we did was to tidy out the potting shed and give the walls a coat of paint. Because of distractions such as going for walks, drinking tea and playing ball we only managed to get the top two thirds of the walls painted in white. The next time we go to stay we will try and paint the bottom part with grey and then we can start moving things in when we move them up there.

9 December 2021

Kicked Out.

Me and Timmy sent the weekend over at the cottage. Because we are just finding our feet there at the moment the ok only heating we have is a couple of log burners which go out during the night and when they do I end up with Timmy trying to move in to the sleeping bag with me. This picture was taken in the morning after I vacated it - I think he had ideas about having a lie in.