18 February 2023

Second Year Geraniums

Today I potted up the second year bedding Geraniums. After lifting them in the Autumn I just trimmed them back and put them in to a seed tray with a bit of compost around the roots. I didn't go to a lot of trouble with them as i look on them more of a bonus than a necessity as i have quite a few rooted cuttings from them already. So today I took them out of the trays and threw away any that were no good then tidied up what was left before potting them up to hopefully grow on to make useful plants for this summers bedding. 

Below is a picture of one of the trays of over wintered bedding Geraniums.
They don't look very appealing in this state but we will see what can be done with them.

Below is after they have been cleaned up and potted on.
There's still not a lot to shout about but we will see how they progress.

14 February 2023

Some Pruning Work.

 Today I have been doing some pruning work at the hall. 

The first job was to give the Pyracantha a bit of a trim. I removed all the long growth and then tidied up the arms. There was nothing to be tied in so I was spared that job.

Whilst I was there I gave the Euonymus to the left a trim up. I try to keep it flat against the wall as much as possible so as no to encroach on anything growing around it.

Next I moved on to the Ivy growing on the steps to the right of the Pyracantha. I just cut this back into the allotted space and the clipped up the face of the Ivy.

I like to try and keep this looking a bit tidy as I think they take wedding photo's on steps.